# Get new MAC address.
openssl rand -hex 6 | sed 's/\(..\)/\1:/g; s/./0/2; s/.$//'
# Assign new MAC address.
sudo ifconfig en0 ether {$MAC}

Private Addon Repository Lineup

Below is a comprehensive list of the private repositories available through our development partnership. If you have any internest in addons that are not yet versioned let us know and we may be able to shift some priorities around in order to get it to production state sooner - until then, consider them working development projects if listed here.

Streams Module - v1.2

Build custom data structures with forms and tables from the control panel.


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View ServiceProvider.php
class ProductsModuleServiceProvider extends AddonServiceProvider
View Module.php
class StoreModule extends Module
protected $sections = [
'products' => [
'buttons' => [
View FormBuilder.php
class ProductFormBuilder extends FormBuilderBuilder
// Relax.. Pyro has automated this for you. Override as needed.
  • First install a clean copy of PyroCMS Beta3 for reference.
  • Next update the composer.json file of your B2 install with that of the B3 install.
  • Mark your B2 install as INSTALLED=false.
  • composer update to bring in all the new goodies.
  • Add placeholder, warning, instructions to streams_fields_translations table.
  • Mark all streams in streams_streams as trashable=1 according to fresh install's table.
  • Add deleted_at (DATETIME) to all stream entry tables where the stream is marked trashable above.
  • Rename the stream groups to menus in streams_streams.
  • Rename the table navigation_groups to navigation_menus.
  • Rename the column group_id to menu_id in navigation_links.
View death-to-selinux.bash
#! Disable selinux first.
cd /
find . -print0 | xargs -0 -n 1 setfattr -h -x security.selinux
View TableBuilder.php
class ProductTableBuilder extends TableBuilder
protected $filters = [
View core-docs.yaml
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