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Private Addon Lineup

Private Addon Repository Lineup

Below is a comprehensive list of the private repositories available through our development partnership. If you have any internest in addons that are not yet versioned let us know and we may be able to shift some priorities around in order to get it to production state sooner - until then, consider them working development projects if listed here.

Streams Module - v1.2

Build custom data structures with forms and tables from the control panel.

API Module - v1.0

A drop-in OAuth2 server for Streams that's easy to use and hook into!

Templates Module - v1.1

Manage custom view and asset templates from the control panel.

Documentation Module - v1.1 in Production

Manage projects, project versions and documentation with custom doc sections.

Templates Module - v1.2 in Production

Manage routable resource (views, assets, data) templates to use globally in your application.

Videos Module - v1.0

Manage and organize videos for your website.

Grid Field Type - v1.1

A powerful repeater stream field type.

Forum Module - v1.1

A simple and powerful forum module.

Forms Module - v1.1

Easily build custom forms to display in your website.

Partials Module - v2.1

Build custom reusable partials from the control panel.

Spam Module - v2.0

Stop SPAM dead in it's tracks!

S3 Storage Adapter - v2.1

A drop in storage adapter for the Files module.

Image Field Type - v1.2

A image field type with a cropper!

Orders Module - Pre-release

Carts Module - Pre-release (ready)

Products Module - Pre-release (90%)

Grid Field Type - Pre-release (prototype)

Geocoder Field Type - v1.1

Discounts Module - Pre-release (90%)

Customers Module - Pre-release (95%)

Shipping Module - Pre-release (95%)

Flat Rate Shipping Method Extension - Pre-release (ready)

Taxes Module - Pre-release (ready)

Applications Module - Pre-release (90%)

Store Overview Widget Extension - Pre-release (ready)

Sales Overview Widget Extension - Pre-release (ready)

Top Products Widget Extension - Pre-release (ready)

Square Gateway Extension - Pre-release (ready)

Payments Module - Pre-release (ready)

Github Field Type - Active Development

Checkouts Module - Active Development

Fixed Amount Discount Extension - Pre-release

Blocks Module - Beta in Production

Subscriptions Module - Concept Only

Fizl Module - Working Concept on 3.0

Help Module - Active Development

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