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Using ScriptingBridge from Swift.
#! /usr/bin/swift
import ScriptingBridge
@objc protocol iTunesTrack {
optional var name: String {get}
optional var album: String {get}
@objc protocol iTunesApplication {
optional var soundVolume: Int {get}
optional var currentTrack: iTunesTrack? {get}
extension SBApplication : iTunesApplication {}
let app: iTunesApplication = SBApplication(bundleIdentifier: "")
// Because these are all optional properties (to avoid providing an implementation), we have
// to use '!' to indicate we know the implementation exists.
let track: iTunesTrack? = app.currentTrack!
let album = track?.album!
let trackName = track?.name!
println("Current track: \(trackName) - \(album)")
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