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Use Invoke-ExecuteNotebook to build a SQL-on-Linux instance in a Docker container, by calling Invoke-ExecuteNotebook to execute the Notebook, and passing in the sa_password & digits for the name/port number to the Notebook as a parameter.
<# Download the PowerShellNotebook Module from the PowerShell Gallery #>
try {Import-Module PowerShellNotebook -ErrorAction Stop} catch {Install-Module -Name PowerShellNotebook -Scope CurrentUser} finally {Import-Module PowerShellNotebook}
Import-Module PowerShellNotebook;
<# Download the Jupyter Notebook in this Gist #>
Invoke-RestMethod -OutFile SQL-on-Docker-with-PowerShell.ipynb
<# OK, you should now be ready to move onto the steps in Build_SQLInstance_wStringCreds.ps1
Please note: you're going to need to have Docker Desktop installed & running for all this to work #>
Invoke-ExecuteNotebook -InputNotebook .\SQL-on-Docker-with-PowerShell.ipynb -Parameters @{sa_password = 'Test9999'; SQLNumber = 97}
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