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STX2k /
Last active Oct 1, 2020 — forked from paul-chambers/
Helper script for deluge. hardlinks completed torrents into another folder (and unrars it, if appropriate)
# Helper script for the Deluge torrent client
# Intended to be run at torrent completion, using the 'torrent complete' event in the 'Execute' plugin.
# The basic idea is to hardlink the files that deluge has just finished downloading to a second directory.
# This allows you to configure deluge to automatically pause or delete torrents when they reach a given seed ratio,
# while also keeping a copy around for other reasons. For example, SyncThing could be used to propagate new downloads
# to a remote machine to be processed further. When processing has finished, and the file is deleted/moved out of the
# Syncthing folder, the remote Syncthing will propagate a deletion back to the original Synchting (on the machine
STX2k /
Created Jun 12, 2018 — forked from rafaeltuelho/
Some useful shell aliases and function for Docker command line
# Docker aliases
alias di='sudo docker images'
alias dps='sudo docker ps -a'
# useful Docker functions
dock-run() { sudo docker run -i -t --privileged $@ ;}
dock-exec() { sudo docker exec -i -t $@ /bin/bash ;}
dock-log() { sudo docker logs --tail=all -f $@ ;}
dock-port() { sudo docker port $@ ;}
dock-vol() { sudo docker inspect --format '{{ .Volumes }}' $@ ;}