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Helper script for deluge. hardlinks completed torrents into another folder (and unrars it, if appropriate)
# Helper script for the Deluge torrent client
# Intended to be run at torrent completion, using the 'torrent complete' event in the 'Execute' plugin.
# The basic idea is to hardlink the files that deluge has just finished downloading to a second directory.
# This allows you to configure deluge to automatically pause or delete torrents when they reach a given seed ratio,
# while also keeping a copy around for other reasons. For example, SyncThing could be used to propagate new downloads
# to a remote machine to be processed further. When processing has finished, and the file is deleted/moved out of the
# Syncthing folder, the remote Syncthing will propagate a deletion back to the original Synchting (on the machine
# running deluge).
# The end result is that the lifetime of files involved both in deluge's seeding process and the 'forward to somewhere
# else' process (e.g. via Syncthing) are decoupled, and can safely execute in parallel without needing to be aware of
# what the other is doing. And yet the net result is that the files will still be cleaned up automagically when both
# have finished their respective tasks.
# Paul Chambers, Copyright (c) 2019.
# Made available under the Creative Commons 'BY' license
# set -x
# echo "$torrentId $torrentName $torrentPath" >> /tmp/torrent-complete.log
# note that srcPath may be a file, not necessarily a directory.
# Which means the same is true for destPath.
# echo "hardlink ${srcPath} to ${destPath}" >> /tmp/torrent-complete.log
if [ -d "${srcPath}" ]
# srcPath is a directory, so make sure destPath exists and is a directory,
# then recursively link the *contents* of the srcPath directory into destPath
mkdir -p "${destPath}"
cp -la "${srcPath}/"* "${destPath}"
# srcPath is a file, so just link it
cp -la "${srcPath}" "${destPath}"
# if there are .rar files, unpack them
# usually there is only one, but nothing prevents more than one..
for rarFile in `find "${destPath}" -name "*.rar"`
# echo "unrar ${rarFile}" >> /tmp/torrent-complete.log
# if the unrar completes without error, unlink the .rar file and its companions.
# the originals will live on in srcDir and continue to be seeded.
cd "$(dirname ${rarFile})" \
&& unrar e -inul -o+ "${rarFile}" \
&& find . -type f \( -regex '.*\.r[0-9][0-9]' -o -name '*.rar' \) -delete
# could unpack other archives here too, but it's preferable to decompress
# any already-compressed archives at the remote machine, not here.

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commented Jul 23, 2019

I was tired of the plugin solutions and was hoping to find an alternative. This is it. Unrar/Copy/Clean This works fantastic!
Thank you.


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Owner Author

commented Jul 24, 2019

Glad you found it useful :)

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