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Created Sep 22, 2017
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Funkhaus Plugins
  1. Vuepress: Vue.js on top of WordPress
  2. fitToParent: Vanilla JS to resize a DOM element to fit its parent container while maintaining original aspect ratio
  3. Zoomhaus: Vanilla JS+CSS smooth image takeover effect
  4. Rest-Easy: WordPress plugin to rest-ify your site with zero effort and powerful customization
  5. FH-Footer: Self-updating slide-to-reveal footer in vanilla JS
  6. FH-Overlap: Simple overlap checker in vanilla JS
  7. funky-colors: WordPress plugin to detect a palette of colors from each image in the media library
  8. Funky-Imgix: WordPress plugin to get Imgix images easily
  9. WP-Shopify: WordPress plugin for easy Shopify integration
  10. Roadblocker: jQuery plugin to manage when to display a roadblock overlay
  11. Focushaus: WordPress plugin to pick an image's focal point
  12. Social Pull: WordPress plugin to easily import information from one or many social media accounts
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