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  • Add a child to a work-detail page to make it a campaign - the campaign's body will be in the child
  • Maria Carretero page has a few special details:
    • "Color" category is structured like this:
      * Color
          * Maria Carretero
              * First Block Title - Second Block Title
              * Other Spots
              * ...
          * All Color
              * Other Spots
              * ...
    • The first child of "Color" should be "Maria Carretero."
    • The first child of "Maria Carretero" will have the first half of its split title in the first block, the second half in the second.
    • The first two blocks on the "Maria Carretero" page will link to the video and the info about Maria, respectively. Those two will be rendered on the same page, just like a campaign's video and its information.
    • The primary featured image will be the one displayed on the first block, the secondary featured image on the second.


  • Front Page (includes once-per-session Cover)
  • Work-Grid
    • Work-Type (Featured, VFX, Color, Design, All)
      • Work-Detail
      • ...
      • Campaign-Detail
        • Campaign info
      • ...
    • ...
  • Reel-Grid
    • Reel
    • ...
  • Lab (Posts page)
  • Contact
    • Jobs
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