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Last active Mar 23, 2018
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Some NPM packages I've written or contributed to:

  1. auto-blur - Blur a button or other element automatically when clicked.
  2. blast-vanilla - Vanilla version of Blast.js. Blast text apart to make it manipulable.
  3. fh-components - Reusable Vue + Vuepress components.
  4. fh-deploy - Deploy files to a server via SFTP.
  5. sketch-outline - Outline a element in Vue on focus or hover using the hand-drawn style of roughjs.
  6. zoomhaus - Medium-like vanilla JS image takeover effect.

Phaser packages

  1. phaser-link - Link-like (Legend of Zelda) player character
  2. phaser-mario - Mario-like player character
  3. phaser-percent-bar - Auto-updating percent bar
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