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Sam Hasler SamHasler

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kyledrake / ferengi-plan.txt
Last active Jul 9, 2020
How to throttle the FCC to dial up modem speeds on your website using Nginx
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# The blog post that started it all:
# Current known FCC address ranges:
# Confirm/locate FCC IP ranges with this:
# In your nginx.conf:
location / {
borgand / git-merge-svn
Last active Jan 7, 2019
A helper script to set *svn:mergeinfo* property when using `git svn dcommit` on merged git branches.This makes it possible to merge two SVN branches using **git-svn**.NB! the merged-from branch **MUST** be pushed to SVN.USAGE: git merge-svn <branch name>EDIT: added exit condition when mergeinfo calculation fails to avoid pushing incomplete merge…
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function usage {
echo "USAGE: git merge-svn <from> [<to>]"
echo ""
echo " from The branch name to be merged FROM"
echo " to Optional branch name to be merged onto. Default: HEAD"
echo ""
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Async.js is a collection of simple async patterns
built to combat callback hell
Allows a user to define a sequence of async functions.
async = require 'async'
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Code copyright Dustin Diaz and Ross Harmes, Pro JavaScript Design Patterns.
// Constructor.
var Interface = function (name, methods) {
if (arguments.length != 2) {
throw new Error("Interface constructor called with " + arguments.length + "arguments, but expected exactly 2.");
} = name;
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