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JSHint configuration as of v2.8.0 - Strict Settings with some exceptions made. Settings marked as depreciated were *not* included in order to futureproof for newer versions.
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// JSHint Configuration, Strict Edition
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// This is a options template for JSHint[1], using JSHint example[2],
// Ory Band's example[3], and haschek's example[4] as basis and setting
// config values to be most strict:
// * set all enforcing options to true
// * set all relaxing options to false
// * set all environment options to false, except the browser value
// * set all JSLint legacy options to false
// NOTE: Certain exceptions were made for my own use. Understand what each
// deviation from what is described just above means for your project
// [1]:
// [2]:
// [3]:
// @author
// @author Michael Scheer <>
// @license
// *******************
// NOTE: Modifications have been made to the original script found at:
// These modifications remove depreciated options and adding new
// ones as of v2.8.0
// *******************
// == Enforcing Options ===============================================
// These options tell JSHint to be more strict towards your code. Use
// them if you want to allow only a safe subset of JavaScript, very
// useful when your codebase is shared with a big number of developers
// with different skill levels.
"bitwise" : true, // Prohibit bitwise operators (&, |, ^, etc.).
"curly" : true, // Require { for every new block or scope.
"eqeqeq" : true, // Require triple equals i.e. `===`.
"es3" : false, // adhere to ECMAScript 3 specification -- Unneeded now and conflicts with promises
"es5" : true, // enables syntax first defined in the ECMAScript 5.1 specification.
"forin" : true, // Tolerate `for in` loops without `hasOwnPrototype`.
"freeze" : true, // Prohibits overwriting prototypes of native objects such as Array, Date and so on.
"funcscope" : false, // This option suppresses warnings about declaring variables inside of control structures while accessing them later from the outside.
"futurehostile" : true, // This option enables warnings about the use of identifiers which are defined in future versions of JavaScript.
"globals" : true, //
"iterator" : false, // This option suppresses warnings about the __iterator__ property. This property is not supported by all browsers so use it carefully.
"latedef" : true, // Prohibit variable use before definition.
"maxcomplexity" : 10, // Lets you control cyclomatic complexity throughout your code
"maxdepth" : 5, // Lets you control how nested do you want your blocks to be
"maxerr" : 20, // Set the maximum amount of warnings JSHint will produce before giving up. Default is 50.
"maxparams" : 4, // Set the max number of formal parameters allowed per function
"maxstatements" : 50, // Set the max number of statements allowed per function:
"noarg" : true, // Prohibit use of `arguments.caller` and `arguments.callee`.
"nocomma" : true, // Prohibits the use of the comma operator.
"nonbsp" : true, // Warns about "non-breaking whitespace" characters.
"nonew" : true, // Prohibit use of constructors for side-effects.
"notypeof" : false, // suppresses warnings about invalid typeof operator values.
"shadow" : false, // suppresses warnings about variable shadowing
"singleGroups" : true, // This option prohibits the use of the grouping operator when it is not strictly required.
"strict" : true, // Require `use strict` pragma in every file.
"undef" : true, // Prohibits the use of explicitly undeclared variables.
"unused" : true, // warns when you define and never use your variables.
"varstmt" : false, // the use of VariableStatements are forbidden
// == Relaxing Options ================================================
// These options allow you to suppress certain types of warnings. Use
// them only if you are absolutely positive that you know what you are
// doing.
// ====================================================================
"asi" : false, // Tolerate Automatic Semicolon Insertion (no semicolons).
"boss" : false, // Tolerate assignments inside if, for & while. Usually conditions & loops are for comparison, not assignments.
"debug" : false, // Allow debugger statements e.g. browser breakpoints.
"eqnull" : false, // Tolerate use of `== null`.
"es5" : false, // Allow EcmaScript 5 syntax.
"esnext" : true, // Allow specific features such as `const` and `let`.
"evil" : false, // Tolerate use of `eval`.
"expr" : false, // Tolerate `ExpressionStatement` as Programs.
"funcscope" : false, // Tolerate declarations of variables inside of control structures while accessing them later from the outside.
"globalstrict" : false, // Allow global "use strict" (also enables 'strict').
"iterator" : false, // Allow usage of __iterator__ property.
"lastsemic" : false, // Tolerat missing semicolons when the it is omitted for the last statement in a one-line block.
"loopfunc" : false, // Allow functions to be defined within loops.
"onecase" : false, // Tolerate switches with just one case.
"proto" : false, // Tolerate __proto__ property. This property is deprecated.
"regexdash" : false, // Tolerate unescaped last dash i.e. `[-...]`.
"scripturl" : false, // Tolerate script-targeted URLs.
"smarttabs" : false, // Tolerate mixed tabs and spaces when the latter are used for alignmnent only.
"shadow" : false, // Allows re-define variables later in code e.g. `var x=1; x=2;`.
"supernew" : false, // Tolerate `new function () { ... ;` and `new Object;`.
"validthis" : false, // Tolerate strict violations when the code is running in strict mode and you use this in a non-constructor function.
// == Environments ====================================================
// These options pre-define global variables that are exposed by
// popular JavaScript libraries and runtime environments—such as
// browser or node.js.
// ====================================================================
"mocha" : true, // Mocha testing suite
"browser" : true, // Standard browser globals e.g. `window`, `document`.
"couch" : false, // Enable globals exposed by CouchDB.
"devel" : false, // Allow development statements e.g. `console.log();`.
"dojo" : false, // Enable globals exposed by Dojo Toolkit.
"jquery" : false, // Enable globals exposed by jQuery JavaScript library.
"mootools" : false, // Enable globals exposed by MooTools JavaScript framework.
"node" : true, // Enable globals available when code is running inside of the NodeJS runtime environment.
"nonstandard" : false, // Define non-standard but widely adopted globals such as escape and unescape.
"prototypejs" : false, // Enable globals exposed by Prototype JavaScript framework.
"rhino" : false, // Enable globals available when your code is running inside of the Rhino runtime environment.
"wsh" : false, // Enable globals available when your code is running as a script for the Windows Script Host.
// == Undocumented Options ============================================
// While I've found these options in [example1][2] and [example2][3]
// they are not described in the [JSHint Options documentation][4].
// [4]:
// ====================================================================
"predef" : [ // Extra globals.
"indent" : 4 // Specify indentation spacing

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kristianmandrup commented Sep 11, 2015

Error: Error when reading .jshint config:
SyntaxError: Unexpected token /

Any idea?


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kitlith commented Nov 21, 2015

This config defines "es5" to be both true and false, and duplicates "funcscope", "iterator", and "shadow".


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simkessy commented Jan 5, 2016

I have the exact same error and I can't figure out why.

{ [Error: Error when reading .jshint config:
SyntaxError: Unexpected token /]
  message: 'Error when reading .jshint config:\nSyntaxError: Unexpected token /',
  showStack: false,
  showProperties: true,
  plugin: 'gulp-fixmyjs',
  __safety: { toString: [Function: bound ] } }

I don't have a config file, I didn't have one before and it was working fine. I don't know where to look to solve this. Error doesn't really show up on google except for here.


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michaelsanford commented Jan 27, 2017

This file is JSON, which doesn't support comments. The error is because of the first / in the file, which is an illegal token.

Try the less informative but de-commented and de-duped, no-deprecated-options for 2.9 =>

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