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How to install Powerline fonts into CentOS 7

How to install Powerline fonts into CentOS 7

For a Oh-My-Zsh Shell custommized theme, called Spaceship Prompt it's reecommended to install the Powerline Fonts. In a CentOS 7 machine it can be a little more work, than doing it via a package manager.

Clone the latest Font

git clone --depth=1

and install them

cd fonts ./

To make it available to every user copy it

mkdir /usr/share/fonts cp /root/.local/share/fonts/* /usr/share/fonts

Done (TM)


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@ASoldo ASoldo commented Aug 26, 2020

Hi im having a hard time getting it to work. I did manage to set up Powerline as a default but it's broken looking. I did everything you mentioned but no avail. when I type setfont (font_name.pcf.gz) it says bad input file size... what am I doing wrong? I know that they are installed on my machine... I'm doing an experiment with no GUI and im on a virtual machine so yeah...

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