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NE Scala 2014 talk winners
the people have spoken
45-minute talks:
- Heather Miller, “Academese to English: Scala's Type System, Dependent Types and What It Means To You”
- Daniel Spiewak, “May Your Data Ever Be Coherent”
- Eugene Burmako & Lars Hupel, “Macros vs. Types”
30-minute talks:
- Eugene Yokota, “Learning Scalaz”
- P. Oscar Boykin, “Summingbird: a streaming map-reduce API for Storm, Hadoop and more”
- Paul Chiusano, “An introduction to scalaz-stream”
- Runar Bjarnason, “Is functional programming impractical?”
15-minute talks:
- Josh Suereth, “Sbt 1.0 - The interactive build tool”
- Luke Amdor, “Better Living Through sbt”
- Victor Chan, “Having fun with Play! 2, Akka and Websocket”
- Doug Tangren, “What you see and what you get”
- Brian McKenna, “Verruca vulgaris treatments for Scala”
- Josh Marcus, “Understanding the World Pixel by Pixel”
abstracts at

SethTisue commented Feb 11, 2014

the official schedule including times is now up at

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