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module DataPath_2(clk, reset, current_PC_address,readA_O, readB_O, A_Reg_IF2ID, B_Reg_IF2ID, Sign_IF2ID, opcode, W_Reg_IF2ID, W_address_WB, alu_result_O, W_data_WB);
input clk, reset;
output [7:0] current_PC_address,readA_O, readB_O;
output [3:0] opcode, A_Reg_IF2ID, B_Reg_IF2ID, W_Reg_IF2ID, Sign_IF2ID, W_address_WB;
output [7:0] alu_result_O, W_data_WB;
wire [3:0]opcode, A_reg_address, B_reg_address, W_reg_address, Sign, opcode_IF2ID, A_Reg_IF2ID, B_Reg_IF2ID, W_Reg_IF2ID, Sign_IF2ID
, W_address_IDEXE, B_address_IDEXE, A_address_IDEXE;
wire [7:0] current_PC_address, next_PC_address, next_PC_address_IF2ID, Extend_IDEXE, A_data_IDEXE, B_data_IDEXE, new_address_IDEXE, W_data_WB;
wire [7:0] Sign_O, readA_O, readB_O, new_address_EXMEM, new_address_EXMEM, alu_result, mem_data,
alu_result_O, Write_data_to_RAM, alu_result_O, Jump_address_O, new_address_EXMEM_O,Write_data_to_RAM
,alu_O, mem_out_O, RAM_data;
wire [3:0] A_reg_O, B_reg_O, W_reg_O, alu_code,Mux1_O_WB_Register, Branch, Branch_O, mux1_O, mux1_O1, W_address_WB;
wire [1:0] WB,WB_O, WB_O2;
wire [5:0] MEM, EX, MEM_O;
wire test;
wire [3:0] Branch_Taken;
wire [1:0] B_Check;
HazardUnit HD(MEM_O[4], B_reg_O, A_Reg_IF2ID, B_Reg_IF2ID, PC_freeze, IF_P_Freeze, Flush_O);
//Branch_Unit Branch_Hazard_Unit(opcode_IF2ID, A_data_IDEXE, B_data_IDEXE, Flush, B_Check);
//Yha Branch_O use krna hoga test ki jagah par new_address_IDEXE
IF_ID Fetch(clk, reset, test, new_address_IDEXE, ~PC_freeze,//PC_freeze,
opcode, A_reg_address, B_reg_address, W_reg_address, Sign, current_PC_address, next_PC_address);
IF2ID PIPE_IF2ID(clk, next_PC_address, opcode, A_reg_address, B_reg_address, W_reg_address, Sign, /*IM_Freeze*/IF_P_Freeze, Flush, //Flush,
next_PC_address_IF2ID, opcode_IF2ID, A_Reg_IF2ID, B_Reg_IF2ID, W_Reg_IF2ID, Sign_IF2ID);
ID_EXE ID_STAGE(clk, next_PC_address_IF2ID, opcode_IF2ID, A_Reg_IF2ID, B_Reg_IF2ID, W_Reg_IF2ID, Sign_IF2ID, W_address_WB, W_data_WB, Reg_write, B_Check,
Extend_IDEXE, A_data_IDEXE, B_data_IDEXE, new_address_IDEXE, W_address_IDEXE, B_address_IDEXE, A_address_IDEXE, WB, MEM, EX, test, Flush);
ID2EXE PIPE_ID2EXE(1, clk, new_address_IDEXE, A_data_IDEXE, B_data_IDEXE, Extend_IDEXE, A_address_IDEXE, B_address_IDEXE, W_address_IDEXE, WB, MEM, EX, WB_O, MEM_O, alu_code, mux1, mux2, new_address_EXMEM,
Sign_O, readA_O, readB_O, A_reg_O, B_reg_O, W_reg_O);
wire [1:0] MEM_EXE;
EXE_MEM Execute(clk, alu_code, mux2, mux1, new_address_EXMEM, readA_O, readB_O, Sign_O, A_reg_O, B_reg_O, W_reg_O, MEM_O, WB_O2[0], Reg_write, alu_result_O, W_data_WB, mux1_O, W_address_WB,
zero, carry, new_address_EXMEM_O, alu_result, Write_data_to_RAM, Mux1_O_WB_Register, MEM_EXE, Branch_Taken);
EXE2MEM PIPE_EXE2MEM(clk, WB_O, MEM_EXE, new_address_EXMEM_O, alu_result, Write_data_to_RAM, Mux1_O_WB_Register, zero, carry,
WB_O2, Branch, read, write, zero_O, carry_O, mux1_O, alu_result_O, RAM_data);
MEM_WB Memory(clk, read, write, Branch, alu_result_O, RAM_data, zero_O, carry_O, mem_data, Branch_O);
//module MEM_WB(clk, read, write, Branch, alu_result, Data_for_RAM, zero, carry, mem_data, Branch_O);
EXE2WB PIPE_EXE2WB(clk, WB_O2, mem_data, alu_result_O, mux1_O, mux1_O1, alu_O, mem_out_O, mux3, Reg_write);
WB Write_Back(mux3, mem_out_O,alu_O, mux1_O1, W_data_WB, W_address_WB);
`timescale 1ns / 1ps
// Company:
// Engineer:
// Create Date: 00:56:49 04/30/2019
// Design Name: DataPath_2
// Module Name: C:/Users/Shashi Suman/Desktop/My/Pipe_1/Test3.v
// Project Name: Pipe_1
// Target Device:
// Tool versions:
// Description:
// Verilog Test Fixture created by ISE for module: DataPath_2
// Dependencies:
// Revision:
// Revision 0.01 - File Created
// Additional Comments:
module Test3;
// Inputs
reg clk;
reg reset;
// Outputs
wire [7:0] current_PC_address;
wire [3:0] opcode;
wire [3:0] A_Reg_IF2ID;
wire [3:0] B_Reg_IF2ID;
wire [3:0] Sign_IF2ID;
wire [3:0] W_Reg_IF2ID;
wire [7:0] readA_O;
wire [7:0] readB_O;
wire [7:0] alu_result_O;
wire [3:0] W_address_WB;
wire [7:0] W_data_WB;
// Instantiate the Unit Under Test (UUT)
DataPath_2 uut (
initial begin
// Initialize Inputs
clk = 1;
reset = 1;
// Wait 100 ns for global reset to finish
reset = 0;
// Add stimulus here
always #2 clk = ~clk;
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