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Fast rsync from mac to linux

This set of parameters experimentally seems to work the best for macos to linux file transfer. This is ofcourse not secure and is intended for transferring things like machine learning datasets to a workstation from a laptop etc.


rsync -rltv --progress --human-readable --delete -e 'ssh -T -c -o Compression=no -x'


  • r: Recursive. Allow directories to be traversed and copied.
  • l: Links. Copy symlinks as symlinks and not what they point to.
  • t: Times. Preserve timestamps associated with the files.
  • v: Verbose. Print everything.
  • progress: Show the progress of the transfer
  • human-readable: Print file sizes with M, G etc. so its much easier to read and understand.
  • delete: Delete extraneous files from destination
  • The SSH command uses aes and turns off compression. Using arcfour would be faster, but many newer systems don't support it. There might be more optimization to be done here.
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Shaunakde commented Nov 30, 2020

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