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from .redchess import RedChess
def setup(bot):

List of software you should use!


  • Steam - A really popular online games distributor, with friends list and chat functionalities. Has thousands of games.
  • Discord - A very popular VOIP and chat program, a lot of communities use it, and it's free... unless you want a GIF avatar.
  • Google Chrome - A popular web browser. People can get into heated debates as to whether Firefox is better than Chrome or not. I listed chrome because I use it.
  • Thunderbird - Email client.
  • ShareX - One click screenshot and share tool with editor. People often say "get gyazo" but gyazo is crap and charges you money for most of it's features, ShareX doesn't.
  • Process Hacker 2 - A powerful alternative to Task Manager. Note: Valve's Anti-Cheat hates Process Hacker... Close Process Hacker before starting a
Shigbeard / sv_discordrelay.lua
Last active Mar 16, 2019
Relay server chat to discord.
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Gmod to Discord Chat Relay:
Have your chat display in discord!
You need a Webhook URL to make this work.
Step 1: Go into discord, and hover your mouse over the desired channel you'd like messages to be sent to.
Step 2: Click on Edit Channel, and click on Webhooks.
Step 3: Click on "Create Webohook"
Step 4: Fill in a default username, and give it an avatar of your choosing. Then click save. Edit it again before going onto step 5
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