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What would you like to do? "big theater mode" injection. Gives the video full height when in theater mode.
(function() {
var coverNavBar = true;
var css = `
ytd-watch:not([fullscreen])[theater] #player.ytd-watch {
height: ` + (coverNavBar?'':'calc(') + '100vh' + (coverNavBar?'':' - 56px)') + ` !important;
max-height: none !important;` + (coverNavBar?`
position: relative;
margin-top: -56px;
z-index: 9999;
`:'') + `
if (coverNavBar) {
css += `
ytd-page-manager, ytd-watch {
overflow: visible !important;
var cssDiv = document.createElement('div');
cssDiv.innerHTML = '&shy;<style>' + css + '</style>';
  • How to show navigation bar: set var coverNavBar = true; to var coverNavBar = false;.
  • How to create bookmarklet: Visit and paste the below youtube_big_theater_mode_injection.js code into the javascript input box.
  • How to directly inject into website: Type javascript: into the url field, followed by the below youtube_big_theater_mode_injection.js code.

Known Bugs:

  • If already in "Theater Mode", the video wont properly scale, you need to exit and re-enter "Theater Mode" or enter and exit "Fullscreen" mode to fix the scaling issue.
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