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Swift snippet for jumping to a specific PDF page in WKWebView.
func webViewGotoPDFPage(index: Int) {
if (index < 1) { return; }
let pageCount = totalPDFPages(filePath: webViewLastURL!);
let pageIndex = max(min(index, pageCount), 1)-1;
let firstPage = self.webView.scrollView.subviews[2].subviews[0];
//let contentHeight = self.webView.scrollView.contentSize.height;
//let totalPaddingSize = CGFloat(PDF_INNER_PADDING)*(CGFloat(pageCount)-1) + CGFloat(PDF_OUTER_PADDING)*2;
//let averagePageHeight = (contentHeight-totalPaddingSize)/CGFloat(pageCount);
let firstPageHeight = firstPage.bounds.size.height;
let scrollY = (firstPageHeight*CGFloat(pageIndex)) + (CGFloat(PDF_INNER_PADDING)*CGFloat(pageIndex)) + CGFloat(PDF_OUTER_PADDING);
self.webView.scrollView.setContentOffset(CGPoint.init(x: 0, y: scrollY), animated: animated);
var pdfView = self.webView.scrollView.subviews[2];
var scrollY:CGFloat = 0.0;
for i in 0..<pageIndex {
for subview in pdfView.subviews {
var y2 = subview.frame.origin.y + subview.frame.size.height;
if (y2 > scrollY) {
scrollY = y2;
self.webView.scrollView.setContentOffset(CGPoint.init(x: 0, y: scrollY), animated: false);
func totalPDFPages(filePath: URL) -> Int {
let doc = CGPDFDocument.init(filePath as CFURL);
return (doc?.numberOfPages)!;
func webView(_ webView: WKWebView, didFinish navigation: WKNavigation!) {
webView.isHidden = false;
if (webViewStartPDFPageIndex > 1 && webViewLastURL?.pathExtension.lowercased() == "pdf") {
webViewGotoPDFPage(index: webViewStartPDFPageIndex);

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project-academy commented Sep 21, 2018

Hi Shilo

I tried using this code, but it does not seem to be working.
In webViewGoToPDFPage(index:), I get the following printouts:
print(pdfView) // <UIImageView: 0x10233ede0; frame = (761.5 -17; 2.5 36); alpha = 0; opaque = NO; autoresize = LM; userInteractionEnabled = NO; layer = <CALayer: 0x282053100>>
print(pdfView.subviews) // []
∴ the code inside the for-loop never actually runs since there are no subviews for pdfView.

Did you have any similar issues with this?



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sovata8 commented May 16, 2019

For anyone stumbling upon this - it seems a better way to get page dimensions is using CGPDFDocument, CGPDFPage and getBoxRect() - see this discussion:

Also note that if you're targeting iOS 11+, then you can simply avoid using web views altogether and use the new PDFView instead. It has functions such as goToNextPage and goToPreviousPage.

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