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Created July 20, 2017 09:05
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Twitter translation from @ttdoda
あ、ありのまま今起こった事を話すぜ! 「おれはNeoVimのDECSLRM利用判定の修正をやっていたと思ったら、いつのまにかVimのDECSLRM利用自動判定を書いていた」
Oh, I will tell you what happened just as it is! "When I thought that I was working on fixing NeoVim's decision to use DECSLRM, I was writing Vim's automatic DECSLRM usage decision unexpectedly"
Because NeoVim was excluding the TERMRESPONSE association, there is no reference code to use the terminal's response. Vim has code that can be referred to as automatic discrimination of the background color, so you can do it manually. All right.
NeoVim does not do things like TERMRESPONSE in Vim
I understand that I dislike it because it tends to be complicated by waiting for a response, but I think that it is best to check the function of the terminal as it is to the terminal itself.
Especially for left and right margins it is definitely sure to confirm DECLRMM correspondence with DECRQM.
Major terminal emulators that support left and right margin are almost compatible with DECRQM? Although it was somewhat surprising that mlterm corresponded with 3.8.2 which was the day before yesterday.
If you are planning to support extended functions after VT 400, let's correspond to DECRQM / DECRQSS first. If you respond to this, you can check whether it supports other extended functions (in some cases)
That is why Vim uses DECRQM to check the availability of DECLRMM, the difference to set t_CV automatically
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