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Doing more than just existing!

Shreya Prasad ShreyaPrasad1209

Doing more than just existing!
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/* handy way to create cards */
.grid {
display: flex;
align-items: center;
justify-content: center;
flex-wrap: wrap;
max-width: 800px;
margin-top: 3rem;
ShreyaPrasad1209 /
Created June 8, 2021 15:57 — forked from divyajyotiuk/
Python code to get text and link of the bookmarked tweets and save in markdown
import json
import glob
all_bookmarks = []
md_file = open("", "w+") # saving in markdown file, if no file exists using '+' creates one
files = [file for file in glob.glob("JSONBookmarks/*")] # using glob to read all files from the folder
for file_name in files:
with open(file_name) as bk:
ShreyaPrasad1209 / AutoConnectLinkedIn.js
Created December 19, 2020 16:18 — forked from thealphadollar/AutoConnectLinkedIn.js
JS script to send connection requests to your LinkedIn search results with customisation options
// If the script does not work, you may need to allow same site scripting
Linkedin = {
config: {
scrollDelay: 3000,
actionDelay: 5000,
nextPageDelay: 5000,
// set to -1 for no limit
maxRequests: -1,
totalRequestsSent: 0,
ShreyaPrasad1209 / index.js
Created November 2, 2020 00:22 — forked from jwo/index.js
Simple way to sign in with github for oAuth in Node/Express
const express = require("express")
const app = express()
var passport = require("passport")
var session = require("express-session")
var GitHubStrategy = require("passport-github2").Strategy
const GITHUB_CLIENT_ID = "your-client-id-here" // or get from process.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_ID
const GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET = "your-client-secret-here" // or get from process.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET
const GITHUB_CALLBACK_URL = "http://localhost:5000/auth/github/callback" // or get from process.env.GITHUB_CALLBACK_URL