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Python code to get text and link of the bookmarked tweets and save in markdown
import json
import glob
all_bookmarks = []
md_file = open("", "w+") # saving in markdown file, if no file exists using '+' creates one
files = [file for file in glob.glob("JSONBookmarks/*")] # using glob to read all files from the folder
for file_name in files:
with open(file_name) as bk:
data = json.load(bk) # reads json data
#print(json.dumps(response, indent = 1)) # pretty prints JSON data
# Function to get profile pic if you need
def getAuthorProfilePic(id):
return response["users"][id]["profile_image_url_https"]
# Function to get username
def getUserName(id):
return response["users"][id]["screen_name"]
# Function to construct bookmarked tweet url
def constructUrl(tweet_id, username):
return "" + username + "/status/" + tweet_id
# Function to format the text to write in file
def formatText(text):
text = text.replace("\n-", " ")
text = text.replace("\n", " ")
text = text[:100] + "..."
return text
# Run a loop through all_bookmarks
for data in all_bookmarks:
response = data["globalObjects"]
for tweet_id in response["tweets"]:
tweet = response["tweets"][tweet_id]
text = tweet["full_text"]
text = formatText(text)
url = constructUrl(tweet_id, getUserName(tweet["user_id_str"]))
bookmarked_tweet = "\n- " + text + "\n" + "\t - " + url
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