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Burning myself with the soldering iron

Sonosus Sonosus

Burning myself with the soldering iron
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todbot /
Last active February 20, 2024 18:01
pretty usable MIDI-controlled synth using synthio in CircuitPython
# - pretty usable MIDI-controlled synth using synthio in CircuitPython
# 11 May 2023 - @todbot / Tod Kurt
# Uses cheapie PCM5102 DAC on QTPY RP2040
# Video demo:
# Features:
# - midi velocity controls attack rate (gentle press = slow, hard press = fast)
# - notes have small random detune on all oscillators to reduce phase stacking
# - adjustable number of detuned oscillators per note 1-5 (midi controller 83)
# - five selectable waveforms: saw, squ, sin, noisy sin, noise (midi controller 82)
# - vibrato depth on mod wheel (midi controller 1)
denizssch / XpSerials.txt
Created July 21, 2019 00:13
Windows XP ALL Serial Keys :) (For testing purpose [Ex: VM or PenTest])
Windows XP PRO Corporate serial number S/N: Key: MQPWW-PGVKX-YPMKG-8DH3G-KC8PW
windows xp home edition serial number S/N: 034634-262024-171505-828316-729010-413531-800424-400442
Windows XP 64 serial number S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G
Windows XP serial number S/N: K6C2K-KY62K-DQR84-RD4QV-QB74Q
Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate Edition 5.2.3790.1830 serial number S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 serial number S/N: YY8F2-3CKVQ-RKTRG-6JMDR-9DTG6
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 sp1 serial number S/N: F46YY - 2R8VQ - R8GMY - 926VK - 6BQ73
Windows XP Pro serial number S/N: KBWR7-76BD8-J7MDQ-KKG&C-V9Q2J
rb-dahlb /
Last active June 5, 2024 17:31
OpenGL fix for Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 10

Fix for Open GL on Intel HD Graphics 3000 - Windows 10

The drivers for Intel HD Graphics 3000 in Windows 10 does not expose all Open GL capabilities of the GPU. So software relying on Open GL features not present in Open GL 1.1 will not work. Using older versions of Windows or Linux might work since the chip have more features than the driver exposes.

The fix is to add a compatibility shim using the Windows ADK software.

1. Download and install Windows ADK


MichaelPolla /
Last active May 22, 2024 19:00
Markdown - Resize pictures in GitHub, including in comments comment

Markdown - Resize pictures in GitHub

I found that the "best" way is to use HTML, as it works both in Readme/.md files and also in comments (within Issues, Gist...)

E.g. when adding/editing a comment (within Issues, Gist...) :

  • Upload the picture by drag-and-drop in the text field
  • replace ![image](https://your-image-url.type) with <img src="https://your-image-url.type" width="100" height="100">

As mentioned by @cbestow (thanks!), it's not mandatory to set both width and height. If only one is set, the other will be adjusted accordingly to preserve the aspect ratio of the image.