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Created September 21, 2009 02:13
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Loaded suite NestingLevelTest
Finished in 0.030731 seconds.
8 tests, 9 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors
Loaded suite TryRubyOutputTest
Finished in 0.002457 seconds.
1) Failure:
test_error_with_output(TryRubyOutputTest) [test.rb:473]:
<"hello\nworld\n\e[1;33mNoMethodError: undefined method `reverse' for 40:Fixnum"> expected but was
<"\e[1;33mNoMethodError: undefined method `reverse' for 40:Fixnum">.
7 tests, 7 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors
Loaded suite TryRubyTest
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