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Sophrinix / mindet output
Created October 25, 2009 02:22
output on pythinkgear for a few minutes
Last login: Sat Oct 24 21:06:31 on console
~/Desktop/pythinkgear/thinkgear$ python
No handlers could be found for logger "__main__.bytes"
DEBUG:__main__:discarding '\x02' while syncing
DEBUG:__main__:discarding '\x95' while syncing
DEBUG:__main__:discarding '\xe8' while syncing
DEBUG:__main__:bad checksum
DEBUG:__main__:putting back 60 bytes
DEBUG:__main__:discarding '\x02' while syncing
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# This script performs an OAuth authorized POST with multipart encoding to
# This code is primarily taken from my Grackle library's implementation at
sophrinix$ ./ruby ../why_sandbox/setup.rb
---> bin
<--- bin
---> lib
---> lib/sandbox
<--- lib/sandbox
<--- lib
---> ext
---> ext/sand_table
/usr/local/bin/ruby /Users/sophrinix/Desktop/why_sandbox/ext/sand_table/extconf.rb
# Used to graph results from autobench
# Usage: ruby autobench_grapher.rb result_from_autobench.tsv
# This will generate three svg & png graphs
require "rubygems"
require "scruffy"
require 'csv'
require 'yaml'
# --------------------------------------------
# General
# --------------------------------------------
set :shared_children, %w(cache logs) # Shared directories, these directories contain generated content which should not be wiped out during deployments.
set :application, "" # Application name
set :deploy_to, "/var/www/#{application}/#{stage}" # Path where files are deployed to ...
# --------------------------------------------
# Server
# --------------------------------------------
Sophrinix / new-twitter-html-vs-old-twitter-html
Created April 15, 2011 16:00
a diff file between versions of twitter to get the twitter translate userscript working
this script no longer works with the new twitter:
Here is a diff between the two html files. Matz twitter page is used in this example
Sophrinix / fragment.js
Created July 9, 2011 06:06 — forked from figital/fragment.js
jslinux start()
// hi ben
function start() {
var Hf,
if (!Gf()) {
aa.writeln("Your browser does not support the W3C Typed Arrays and this version of JS/Linux needs them.\n");
Sophrinix / passenger.rb
Created October 5, 2011 03:42 — forked from tmm1/passenger.rb
eventmachine monkey-patch for passenger
# Monkey-patch for Passenger to use the EventMachine reactor.
# This allows the use of EM timers, EM.system/popen, and other async libraries (amqp, em-http-request, etc) inside a Rails process.
# This requires which was added to EM's git repo recently. Build an EM gem first:
# git clone git://
# cd eventmachine
# gem build eventmachine.gemspec
# sudo gem install eventmachine-0.12.9.gem
# Please do not use this in production =)
Sophrinix / Y-U-No-Work-MagLev
Created November 11, 2011 19:39
maglev log on my mac. you'd think a 1.0.0 release would...
I can clearly see that I am missing a demo.key file. Why? Out of the box
as a rvm install this should "just work". Here's the log:
| GemStone/S64 Object-Oriented Data Management System |
| Copyright (C) VMware, Inc. 1986-2011 |
| All rights reserved. |
| PROGRAM: STONE, Stone Repository Monitor |
| VERSION: 3.1.0, Thu Oct 27 16:21:45 2011 |
| BUILD: gss64_maglev_branch-27184 |