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Unicode Look-alikes

Unicode Character Look-Alikes

Original Letter Look-Alike(s)
a а ạ ą ä à á ą
c с ƈ ċ
d ԁ ɗ
e е ẹ ė é è
g ġ
h һ
i і í ï
j ј ʝ
k κ
l ӏ ḷ
n ո
o о ο օ ȯ ọ ỏ ơ ó ò ö
p р
q զ
s ʂ
u υ ս ü ú ù
v ν ѵ
x х ҳ
y у ý
z ʐ ż
"a": [
"c": [
"d": [
"e": [
"g": [
"h": [
"i": [
"j": [
"k": [
"l": [
"n": [
"o": [
"p": [
"q": [
"s": [
"u": [
"v": [
"x": [
"y": [
"z": [
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SpecialAgentX13 commented Feb 4, 2021

Thank you for this list!

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Hacker1254 commented Jun 29, 2021

Is it just me or is there no T?

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FxllenCode commented Aug 12, 2021

Thank you so much! 🎉

Could you include uppercase variants as well? Or are they the same? Thanks!

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StevenACoffman commented Aug 13, 2021

@FxllenCode this list was exhaustive enough for my purposes at the time. There's a much more exhaustive list here:

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layer-eight commented Jan 31, 2022

Thanks a lot, mate. This was perfect for a little troll on an image board. Someone decided, users are not allowed to write "[deleted]" as a comment. I thought, taking this joke from me is dumb and if it's dumb, the person definitely will not be aware of such characters xD

I think it's dumb, because either way the result is the same, people will wonder what was written there originally :D

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Exortions commented Feb 11, 2022

Thank you! 🥳

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miguelmota commented Mar 28, 2022

A complete table of all unicode look-alike letters is available on unicode website

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