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Last active Apr 12, 2019

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simple bash script to install and/or update and start a NON-MINING node
if [ -d $HOME/mochimo ];
echo "Mochimo directory already exists, checking for new commits and pulling the latest source";
cd $HOME/mochimo && git pull
echo "Starting gomochi in screen";
cd $HOME/mochimo/bin/ && screen -dmS mochimo ./gomochi d -n
echo "Installing dependencies and pulling latest Mochimo source";
echo "sudo password may be required";
sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config screen
cd ~
git clone
cd $HOME/mochimo/src && ./makeunx bin -DCPU && ./makeunx install
cd ../bin && cp maddr.mat maddr.dat
echo "Compile complete. Starting gomochi in screen";
screen -dmS mochimo ./gomochi d -n

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commented Apr 12, 2019

** NOTE: This will create a maddr.dat file (which is needed to start a node) that you do NOT control the keys for. This is simply creating a node to validate transactions without mining.

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