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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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import android.content.Intent;
import java.util.Map;
* Provides a way to wrap a serializable {@link Map} in order to preserve its class
* during serialization inside an {@link Intent}, otherwise it would be "flattened"
* in a {@link android.os.Parcel} and unparceled as a {@link java.util.HashMap}.
public class MapWrapper<T extends Map & Serializable> implements Serializable {
private final T map;
public MapWrapper(@NonNull T map) { = map;
public T getMap() {
return map;
* Add extra map data to the intent. The name must include a package prefix, for example
* the app would use names like "".
* <p>
* The provided map will be wrapped to preserve its class during serialization.
* Use {@link #getMapExtra(Intent, String)} to deserialize it.
* @param intent The intent to add data to.
* @param name The name of the extra data, with package prefix.
* @param map The map data value.
* @return The same {@link Intent} object, for chaining multiple calls into a single statement.
* @see Intent#putExtra(String, Serializable)
public static <T extends Map & Serializable> Intent putMapExtra(
@NonNull Intent intent, @NonNull String name, @NonNull T map) {
return intent.putExtra(name, new MapWrapper<>(map));
* Retrieve extra map data from the intent.
* @param intent The intent to retrieve data from.
* @param name The name of the desired extra item.
* @return The value of an extra map item that was previously added with
* {@link #putMapExtra(Intent, String, Map)} or {@code null} if no data was found.
* @throws ClassCastException
* If the {@link Serializable} object with the specified name is not of type
* {@link MapWrapper} or if the wrapped {@code Map} is not of type {@link T}.
* @see Intent#getSerializableExtra(String)
public static <T extends Map & Serializable> T getMapExtra(
@NonNull Intent intent, @NonNull String name)
throws ClassCastException {
final Serializable s = intent.getSerializableExtra(name);
//noinspection unchecked
return s == null ? null : ((MapWrapper<T>)s).getMap();
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