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Keep calm and carry on

Tejas Shetty TejasAvinashShetty

Keep calm and carry on
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TejasAvinashShetty /
Last active December 21, 2019 13:59
use openwith

Configure the feature "open with pdf" in SideBarEnhancements plugin of sublime Text.

  • Click on a file to bring up the menu.
  • Select 'open with' > 'Edit Applications'
  • Add the fllowing code if you are in Ubuntu
            //application 3
 "caption": "evince",
TejasAvinashShetty / simple_gate.ipynb
Created October 24, 2019 17:55
modify simple state transfer notebook for Gate optimization
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TejasAvinashShetty /
Created September 1, 2019 06:18
Openvpn cannot find cofiguration file (IITB)

So, I was following the instructions as in vpn Computer centre IITB > Accessing IIT from outside - VPN > VPN windows machine. I did all the steps till step 5. But my computer was not allowing me to save it as IITBVPN.ovpn . Instead it was forcing me to save it as IITBVPN.ovpn.txt. . So, I went to the search bar near the start button. I then typed notepad. I asked the search results page to show the conventionally hidden options. Then I selected "Run as Administrator" . After, this I selected the text for the IITBVPN.ovpn file (from vpn Computer centre IITB) and pasted it in Notepad. I selected 'Save as' from the file menu. Subsequently, I changed the file type from '*.txt ' to 'All files'. I then saved it as 'IITBVPN.ovpn'. After that I continued wuith the steps in vpn Computer centre IITB. Everything went smoothly and I was able to connect to IITB VPN.

# Change the google drive location on the computer
1. Try editing the folder in the prefernces list.
2. If this fails, one should disconnect the gmail account (Preferences > Settings > Disconnect account).
3. this will start the process of of installation all over again.
4 At the moment (Prefernces > Google Drive > Folder Location) where one has to set the folder where the drive would be
installed set the location to the (new) place that you desire.
5. Done
TejasAvinashShetty / Mathematica installation fails on mac
Created May 31, 2019 07:38
Mathematica installation fails on mac after download manager completes downloading
# Mathematica installation fails on mac after download manager completes downloading
I have purchased a Mathematica Student license. To download it there are the steps
1. Download the download manager.
2. Install it.
3. Run it to get it to download the actual Mathematica installer .dmg file.
4. Run the installer to install Mathematica.
When I tried to carry out the following steps there was no response whatsoever after step 3.
TejasAvinashShetty / sheet.tex
Created April 19, 2018 11:34 — forked from jamiees2/sheet.tex
A template for LaTeX cheat sheets
% \documentclass[9pt,a4paper,twocolumn,landscape,oneside]{amsart}
\usepackage{amsmath, amsthm, amssymb, amsfonts}
TejasAvinashShetty / Super Simple Python
Created April 18, 2018 07:13 — forked from Ashwinning/Super Simple Python
Super Simple Python Timer #gistblog #python

Super Simple Python Timer

Timer module for python to measure elapsed time.


Copy to the same folder as your python files.


wget ""
TejasAvinashShetty /
Created April 10, 2018 17:08 — forked from abstractart/
Free Programming Ebooks - O'Reilly Media

Free O'Reilly books and convenient script to just download them.

Thanks /u/FallenAege/ and /u/ShPavel/ from this Reddit post

How to use:

  1. Take the file and put it into a directory where you want the files to be saved.
  2. cd into the directory and make sure that it has executable permissions (chmod +x should do it)
  3. Run ./ and wee there it goes. Also if you do not want all the files, just simply comment the ones you do not want.