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#!/bin/sh -e
git rm --cached libraries/binary
rm -rf libraries/binary/.git
git add libraries/binary
git rm --cached libraries/bytestring
rm -rf libraries/bytestring/.git
git add libraries/bytestring
git rm --cached libraries/Cabal
rm -rf libraries/Cabal/.git
git add libraries/Cabal
git rm --cached libraries/containers
rm -rf libraries/containers/.git
git add libraries/containers
git rm --cached libraries/haskeline
rm -rf libraries/haskeline/.git
git add libraries/haskeline
git rm --cached libraries/pretty
rm -rf libraries/pretty/.git
git add libraries/pretty
git rm --cached libraries/terminfo
rm -rf libraries/terminfo/.git
git add libraries/terminfo
git rm --cached libraries/transformers
rm -rf libraries/transformers/.git
git add libraries/transformers
git rm --cached libraries/xhtml
rm -rf libraries/xhtml/.git
git add libraries/xhtml
git rm --cached libraries/Win32
rm -rf libraries/Win32/.git
git add libraries/Win32
git rm --cached libraries/time
rm -rf libraries/time/.git
git add libraries/time
git rm --cached libraries/array
rm -rf libraries/array/.git
git add libraries/array
git rm --cached libraries/deepseq
rm -rf libraries/deepseq/.git
git add libraries/deepseq
git rm --cached libraries/directory
rm -rf libraries/directory/.git
git add libraries/directory
git rm --cached libraries/filepath
rm -rf libraries/filepath/.git
git add libraries/filepath
git rm --cached libraries/hpc
rm -rf libraries/hpc/.git
git add libraries/hpc
git rm --cached libraries/parsec
rm -rf libraries/parsec/.git
git add libraries/parsec
git rm --cached libraries/text
rm -rf libraries/text/.git
git add libraries/text
git rm --cached libraries/mtl
rm -rf libraries/mtl/.git
git add libraries/mtl
git rm --cached libraries/process
rm -rf libraries/process/.git
git add libraries/process
git rm --cached libraries/unix
rm -rf libraries/unix/.git
git add libraries/unix
git rm --cached libraries/stm
rm -rf libraries/stm/.git
git add libraries/stm
git rm --cached utils/haddock
rm -rf utils/haddock/.git
git add utils/haddock
git rm --cached nofib
rm -rf nofib/.git
git add nofib
git rm --cached utils/hsc2hs
rm -rf utils/hsc2hs/.git
git add utils/hsc2hs
git rm --cached libffi-tarballs
rm -rf libffi-tarballs/.git
git add libffi-tarballs
git rm --cached libraries/integer-gmp/gmp/gmp-tarballs
rm -rf libraries/integer-gmp/gmp/gmp-tarballs/.git
git add libraries/integer-gmp/gmp/gmp-tarballs
git rm .gitmodules
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