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Sublime Text 3 - Useful Shortcuts (Windows)

Sublime Text 3 – Useful Shortcuts (Windows)


Ctrl+Alt+P switch project
Ctrl+P go to file
F12 go to definition
Ctrl+R go to methods
Ctrl+⇧R go to methods in project
Ctrl+G go to line
Ctrl+KB toggle side bar
Ctrl+⇧P command prompt
Ctrl+@ toggle console
Ctrl+⇧N new window


Ctrl+L select line (repeat select next lines)
Ctrl+D select word (repeat select others occurrences in context for multiple editing)
Ctrl+Alt up/down select column for multiple editing
Ctrl+⇧M select content into brackets
Ctrl+⇧ insert line before
Ctrl+ inter line after
Ctrl+⇧K delete line
Ctrl+KK delete from cursor to end of line
Ctrl+K⌫ delete from cursor to start of line
Ctrl+⇧D duplicate line(s)
Ctrl+J join lines
Ctrl+KU upper case
Ctrl+KL lower case
Ctrl+ / comment
Ctrl+⇧/ block comment
Ctrl+Y redo or repeat
Ctrl+⇧V past and ident
Ctrl+space autocomplete (repeat to select next suggestion)
Ctrl+M jump to matching brackets
Ctrl+U soft undo (movement undo)
Ctrl+⇧U soft redo (movement redo)


Ctrl+⇧A select content into tag
Alt+. close tag


Ctrl+F find
Ctrl+I incremental find
Ctrl+H replace
F3 find next occurrence of searched word
Ctrl+F3 find next occurrence of current word
Alt+F3 select all occurrences of current word for multiple editing
Ctrl+⇧F find in files


Alt+⇧1 single column
Alt+⇧2 two columns
Alt+⇧5 grid (4 groups)
Ctrl+[1,2,3,4] focus group
Ctrl+⇧[1,2,3,4] move file to group
Alt+[1,2,3…] select tab


Ctrl+F2 toggle bookmark
F2 next bookmark
⇧F2 previous bookmark
Ctrl+⇧F2 clear bookmarks


Ctrl+K space set mark
Ctrl+KW delete from cursor to mark
Ctrl+KA select from cursor to mark
Ctrl+KG clear mark


Ctrl 0 focus on sidebar
Esc focus back to edit area when focus on sidebar
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