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Last active February 23, 2020 16:04
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Git - Benefits of Flat Commit History

Flawed Commit Strategy

Developers often want to condense their git log output. However without a proper git commit strategy (and conventions), those condensed outputs are still flawed.

For details on condensed git log outputs, see Improve your Git Log Output

Consider a git lg output for a typical project:


This output shows branch merges and activity/commits on other branches. This pollutes the log output and also prevents auto-generation of ChangeLogs.

Production Commit Strategy

What is desired is something like this:


Here ^ our commit history in master is flat, linear, and easily scanned.

Notice the use of commit message conventions (eg fix(core): align breakpoints...). See Angular Git Commit Conventions for details and requirements.

ChangeLog Generation (from Commits)

With a flat commit history and consistent commit conventions, changelogs can be easily generated using Gulp Conventional Changelog Tools.

Consider the ChangeLog generated for the above ^ condensed output:


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