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Last active February 17, 2021 13:41 — forked from craigds/
Convert Internet Explorer's XML HAR file to a JSON HAR file


pip install -r requirements.txt


python har.xml har.json
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Created January 23, 2017 22:56
QGIS keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for QGIS. These have been tested on a Mac, but should also work on Windows.

Open "Settings" -> "Configure Shortcuts..." menu to see full list.

Shortcut Action
Shift + + i Identify features tool
Shift + + h Hide all layers
Shift + + u Show all layers
Shift + ⌘ + h Zoom fit current layer
ThomasThoren / orleans-voting-precincts.geojson
Created October 11, 2016 15:52
Orleans voting precincts
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Last active June 17, 2016 21:44
Intro to SQL (IRE 2016)



Download sample JSON data from the City of Austin. This contains traffic light data.

$ curl -o data.json
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Last active March 9, 2019 19:25
Web browsers
# Default Makefile
# Save as ~/.Makefile or similar and use as starting point for new Makefiles.
# Keep intermediate files
.PHONY: help
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Last active April 12, 2016 14:16
FiveThirtyEight NBA chart
height: 700
border: no
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Created April 5, 2016 01:12
FiveThirtyEight text animation