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#!/usr/bin/env python
Converts Internet Explorer 'capture network traffic' XML to a HAR file.
Turns out that XML is just a HAR file anyways, but in XML form. So this
just converts it to JSON, and Bob's your uncle.
Requires Python 2.7+ and LXML.
from __future__ import unicode_literals
amandabee /
Created Mar 11, 2016
Philadelphia Bail Debt Scraper

One or the other of these is the scraper I used for the Philadelphia Court Debt project. I didn't realize until after I promised everyone in the room my code that I had never published it.

Not for nothing, I make no assertion that this is great programming or even remotely reflects best practices in python or scraping. There's plenty here that I would do differently if I did it again today.

I don't even know which of these was the final scraper. I could figure that out but then I'd never get around to throwing it online. So here it is, warts and all.

celoyd /
Last active Sep 26, 2020
A way to make Himawari-8 animations

Himawari-8 animation tutorial

Here’s how to make animations like this one. It requires intermediate Unix command-line knowledge, to install some tools and to debug if they don’t work. You’ll need these utilities:

  • curl (or you can translate to wget)
  • convert and montage, part of ImageMagick
  • ffmpeg, plus whatever codecs
  • parallel, for iteration that’s nicer than shell for loops or xargs
  • run everything in zsh for leading 0s in numerical ranges to work
JoeGermuska /
Last active Apr 25, 2016
Using Census Reporter API with Pandas
import pandas as pd
import requests
def get_data(tables=None, geoids=None, release='latest'):
if geoids is None:
geoids = ['040|01000US']
if tables is None:
tables = ['B01001']
danawoodman /
Last active Jul 10, 2020
React Hello World Examples

React "Hello World" Examples

Below are a small collection of React examples to get anyone started using React. They progress from simpler to more complex/full featured.

They will hopefully get you over the initial learning curve of the hard parts of React (JSX, props vs. state, lifecycle events, etc).


You will want to create an index.html file and copy/paste the contents of 1-base.html and then create a scripts.js file and copy/paste the contents of one of the examples into it.

View Makefile
# Hello, and welcome to makefile basics.
# You will learn why `make` is so great, and why, despite its "weird" syntax,
# it is actually a highly expressive, efficient, and powerful way to build
# programs.
# Once you're done here, go to
# to learn SOOOO much more.
jlehtoma /
Created Jan 14, 2015
Re-create missing .shx-file for ESRI shapefiles
# Based on solution given here:
# Depends on pyshp
# Build a new shx index file
import fnmatch
import os
import shapefile
# List all the shapefiles
def find(pattern, path):
jaytaylor / .psqlrc
Created Jan 6, 2015
My .psqlrc file.
View .psqlrc
-- Found at:
\pset pager always
\pset null 'NULL'
View browserify_for_webpack_users.markdown

browserify for webpack users

There's been a strange explosion in misinformation about browserify recently, particularly in comparisons to webpack.

Generally speaking, most of this confusion stems from how webpack is more willing to pull features into its core to ease discoverability while browserify is more likely to push features out to userland instead.

I think that longer-term, separability has more benefits from a maintenance and

clhenrick /
Last active Jan 16, 2021
PostgreSQL & PostGIS cheatsheet (a work in progress)
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