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Amanda Hickman amandabee

  • California
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UPDATE prisoners_in_florence
SET the_geom =
ST_Transform(prisoners_in_florence.the_geom, 953027),
ST_Transform(CDB_LatLng(38.3614873976, -105.1071292162), 953027)
amandabee /
Last active Oct 15, 2019
An overview of my setup.


On Dreamost, running Nextcloud with sqlite3 storage, and a Let's Encrypt certificate.

I'm running php 7.0, and edited .php/7.0/phprc to add the following line:


On my phone I have both CalDAV-Sync and DAVdroid (also available through F-Droid running. I think I only need DAVdroid, but I had CalDAV-Sync first and it works so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Last active Nov 3, 2017
YTD 311 Complaints

Step 1: Switch from "Maps" to "Datasets" and find the NEW DATASET button.

Step 2: The raw data that you want to import lives at -- I found that by clicking the RAW button on the CSV (below)

Step 3: Rename your dataset to something civilized like "YTD Complaints" (actually, rename it exactly that. "YTD Complaints")

Step 4: You'll notice that there's a new, empty column called "The Geom" -- we need to fill that column. So find your way to and use the Create Map button to copy my shapefiles onto your account.

Step 5: When you're looking at the data view, on the lower right-hand side of the screen you should see a button that is labeled "merge datasets" -- select it. We're going to do a "Column Join". If you look at the original , it is a lot e

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Last active Feb 16, 2017
A quick script for grabbing all of your Twitter follwers.

Run with...

funtimes = FollowerGetter("openlab", cks)


TO DO: This works now. :)

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Created Aug 21, 2016
Fun With Census Data

I'm working through some puzzles, towards a larger problem.

View contractor.json
"name": "Contractors",
"children": [{
"name": "First Parent",
"children": [{
"name": "Child",
"size": 9330
"name": "Child",
"size": 1000
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Created Mar 11, 2016
Philadelphia Bail Debt Scraper

One or the other of these is the scraper I used for the Philadelphia Court Debt project. I didn't realize until after I promised everyone in the room my code that I had never published it.

Not for nothing, I make no assertion that this is great programming or even remotely reflects best practices in python or scraping. There's plenty here that I would do differently if I did it again today.

I don't even know which of these was the final scraper. I could figure that out but then I'd never get around to throwing it online. So here it is, warts and all.

amandabee / .offlineimaprc
Last active Jul 25, 2019
Mutt, Not Much, Offlinimap and Bash
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accounts = Velociraptor
pythonfile = ~/.offlineimap/
[Account Velociraptor]
localrepository = VelLocal
remoterepository = VelRemote
# In 7.0 sqlite is the only thing supported
# status_backend = sqlite
postsynchook = notmuch new
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(Seeing images? to get anything out of this snippet you'll want to skip right down to <a href="">the code</a>.)
Imagur gives you this:
<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
1: take off the anchor <br />
<img src="" title="source:" />
2: give it a real title <br />
<img src="" title="Clever Flag Graphic" />