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Torstein-Eide /
Created May 24, 2024 18:54 — forked from GAS85/
Apache2 config for pihole with custom / non-admin link
Torstein-Eide /
Created January 23, 2024 09:33 — forked from orhun/
Notes on my Arch Linux installation: UEFI/Secure Boot + systemd-boot, LUKS-encrypted root (XFS), LUKS-encrypted swap (with hibernate & unlocked via TPM)
Torstein-Eide /
Last active November 26, 2022 21:55
Getting OSPF to work with Pfsense FRR, linux quagga, wireguard
tcpdump -i tun_wg0 -n "ip[9] == 89" -vv
set -ex
declare -a DISTS=("precise" "trusty")
function register-mirror {

how to manange media files


sudo apt install libimage-exiftool-perl 

Batch metadata editing:

Replace the file name with a directory name to modify all files in a directory. Use a dot . for the current directory.

Torstein-Eide /
Created July 10, 2021 10:45 — forked from kleinig/
debmirror script
if test -s $DEBMLOG
test -f $DEBMLOG.3.gz && mv $DEBMLOG.3.gz $DEBMLOG.4.gz
test -f $DEBMLOG.2.gz && mv $DEBMLOG.2.gz $DEBMLOG.3.gz
Torstein-Eide / gist:be8bfccca96f6d3c30d0b621f28d2ee7
Created February 13, 2021 22:11 — forked from jfeilbach/gist:18b08ea0ed9eaf844d643ab092905973
tvOS.xml for plex (modified) for use with AppleTV 4k
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Client name="tvOS">
<!-- Author: Plex Inc. -->
<!-- This profile is used by A10X-based tvOS (Apple TV 4K) devices using the MPV ("experimental") video player. Currently, this requires a Plex Pass subscription. -->
<!-- Because Plex does not currently support TrueHD or DTS-MA playback in the client, this audio is transcoded to FLAC. -->
<Setting name="DirectPlayStreamSelection" value="true" />
<Setting name="StreamUnselectedIncompatibleAudioStreams" value="true" />
Torstein-Eide /
Created January 1, 2021 15:12
script to update netboot file
## testing result in error
export # A CDN backed by cloudflare and fastly currently
export ARCH=amd64
chmod 700 /volume?/homes/*/.ssh
chmod 644 /volume?/homes/*/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 644 /volume?/homes/*/.ssh/known_hosts
chmod 644 /volume?/homes/*/.ssh/config
import time, keyboard # using module keyboard
A = 0
q = False
w = False
komfeil = 2
while True: # making a loop
try: # used try so that if user pressed other than the given key error will not be shown
## Forbindelse feil blokkert