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OpenCV 4.0 Kinect Fusion
#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
#include <limits>
#include <opencv2/opencv.hpp>
#include <opencv2/rgbd.hpp>
#include <opencv2/viz.hpp>
void initialize_parameters( cv::kinfu::Params& params, const uint32_t width, const uint32_t height, const float focal_x, const float focal_y = 0.0f ){
float fx = focal_x;
float fy = focal_y;
if( std::abs( fy - 0.0f ) <= std::numeric_limits<float>::epsilon() ){
fy = fx;
const float cx = width / 2.0f - 0.5f;
const float cy = height / 2.0f - 0.5f;
const cv::Matx33f camera_matrix = cv::Matx33f( fx, 0.0f, cx, 0.0f, fy, cy, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f );
params.frameSize = cv::Size( width, height ); // Frame Size
params.intr = camera_matrix; // Camera Intrinsics
params.depthFactor = 1000.0f; // Depth Factor (1000/meter)
int main(int argc, char **argv)
cv::setUseOptimized( true );
// Open Video Capture
cv::VideoCapture capture( cv::VideoCaptureAPIs::CAP_OPENNI2 );
if( !capture.isOpened() ){
return -1;
// Retrieve Camera Parameters
const uint32_t width = static_cast<uint32_t>( capture.get( cv::CAP_OPENNI_DEPTH_GENERATOR + cv::VideoCaptureProperties::CAP_PROP_FRAME_WIDTH ) );
const uint32_t height = static_cast<uint32_t>( capture.get( cv::CAP_OPENNI_DEPTH_GENERATOR + cv::VideoCaptureProperties::CAP_PROP_FRAME_HEIGHT ) );
const float fx = static_cast<float>( capture.get( cv::CAP_OPENNI_DEPTH_GENERATOR_FOCAL_LENGTH ) );
const float fy = static_cast<float>( capture.get( cv::CAP_OPENNI_DEPTH_GENERATOR_FOCAL_LENGTH ) );
// Initialize KinFu Parameters
cv::Ptr<cv::kinfu::Params> params;
params = cv::kinfu::Params::defaultParams(); // default
//params = cv::kinfu::Params::coarseParams(); // coarse
initialize_parameters( *params, width, height, fx, fy );
// Create KinFu
cv::Ptr<cv::kinfu::KinFu> kinfu;
kinfu = cv::kinfu::KinFu::create( params );
cv::namedWindow( "Kinect Fusion" );
cv::viz::Viz3d viewer( "Kinect Fusion" );
while( true && !viewer.wasStopped() ){
// Retrieve Depth Frame
cv::UMat frame;
capture.retrieve( frame, cv::CAP_INTELPERC_DEPTH_MAP );
if( frame.empty() ){
// Update KinFu
if( !kinfu->update( frame ) ){
std::cout << "reset" << std::endl;
// Flip Image
cv::flip( frame, frame, 1 );
// Retrieve Rendering Image
cv::UMat render;
kinfu->render( render );
// Retrieve Point Cloud
cv::UMat points;
kinfu->getPoints( points );
// Show Rendering Image and Point Cloud
cv::imshow( "Kinect Fusion", render );
cv::viz::WCloud cloud( points, cv::viz::Color::white() );
viewer.showWidget( "cloud", cloud );
const int32_t key = cv::waitKey( 1 );
if( key == 'r' ){
else if( key == 'q' ){
return 0;

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yfwu1216 commented Aug 20, 2019

hi, sorry to trouble you. I have complied opencv4.1.1 with openni2 2.2 (x64), and also with vtk8.0 (x64). Actually I used 3rdparty dependencies of your complied PCL 1.8.1 package. However, I start to run the code above, error comes out as below. Can you give me suggestion to get rid of the error? Is something wrong with my openni2? Shall I recompile the openni2 with kinect v2 drive package.
Wish for your reply. rgs!

cv::VideoCapture capture( cv::VideoCaptureAPIs::CAP_OPENNI2 ); // error line

[ERROR:0] global E:\opencv-4.1.1\modules\videoio\src\cap.cpp (187) cv::VideoCapture::open VIDEOIO(OPENNI2): raised OpenCV exception:

OpenCV(4.1.1) E:\opencv-4.1.1\modules\videoio\src\cap_openni2.cpp:288: error: (-2:Unspecified error) in function 'CvCapture_OpenNI2::CvCapture_OpenNI2'

OpenCVKinect2: Failed to open device: DeviceOpen using default: no devices found


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krishnachaitanya9 commented Sep 7, 2019

Do you have OpenNI2 installed? Does your device support OpenNI2? It may be possible that your device might not support OpenNI. Also your question is too broad. Maybe a little more details can help


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YJonmo commented Dec 14, 2019

We got a custom built stereo. So we calculate the depth ourselves by the standard OpenCV block matching.
SO! we do not have commercial cam with each frame containing the RGB-D. How can I plug my RGB and calculated D into your code. I can see you are calling the camera in line 29 and then I guess you are producing the Depth using this line "capture.retrieve( frame, cv::CAP_INTELPERC_DEPTH_MAP )".

In my case, I guess I do not need the "capture.retrieve( frame, cv::CAP_INTELPERC_DEPTH_MAP )" line as I have calculated the depth by other means, so I just feed depth into the 'frame' and the rest of the code must be the same. Am I right?

Thanks for your time.

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