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// Set Color Stream format to YUYV insted of BGR8
rs2::config config;
config.enable_stream( rs2_stream::RS2_STREAM_COLOR, width, height, rs2_format::RS2_FORMAT_YUYV, fps );
// Start Pipline
const rs2::pipeline_profile pipeline_profile = pipeline.start( config );
// Retrieve Frameset
const rs2::frameset frameset = pipeline.wait_for_frames();
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cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 2.8 )
project( sample )
add_executable( sample main.cpp )
# Find Packages
find_package( PCL 1.8 REQUIRED )
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// Retrrieve Flame
rs2::video_frame color_frame = frameset.get_color_frame();
// Retrieve Flame Size
const uint32_t color_width =<rs2::video_frame>().get_width();
const uint32_t color_height =<rs2::video_frame>().get_height();
// Retrive Data
const uint8_t* color_data = reinterpret_cast<const uint8_t*>( color_frame.get_data() );
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// Retrieve Focal Length
rs2::video_stream_profile profile = pipeline_profile.get_stream( rs2_stream::RS2_STREAM_DEPTH ).as<rs2::video_stream_profile>();
const float focal_length = profile.get_intrinsics().fx;
// Retriece Base Line
const float baseline =<rs2::disparity_frame>().get_baseline();
// Target Pixel (e.g. Center of Image)
const uint32_t x = disparity_width / 2;
const uint32_t y = disparity_height / 2;

How to use Qt that installed by Vcpkg with Qt Creator

(0) Install Qt using Vcpkg

Vcpkgを使用してQtをインストールする。(e.g. C:\vcpkg)

cd C:\vcpkg
.\vcpkg install qt5:x64-windows
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// Retrieve Body Frame
ComPtr<IBodyFrame> bodyFrame;
const HRESULT ret = bodyFrameReader->AcquireLatestFrame( &bodyFrame );
if( FAILED( ret ) ){
// Retrieve Body Data
std::vector<ComPtr<IBody>> bodies( BODY_COUNT );
ERROR_CHECK( bodyFrame->GetAndRefreshBodyData( static_cast<UINT>( bodies.size() ), &bodies[0] ) );
View kinect2_serialization.h
// kinect2_serialization
// kinect2_serialization is definitions of Boost.Serialization (XML) for body data that retrieved using Kinect SDK v2.
// You will be able to serialize and deserialize body data using this definitions.
// kinect2_serialization are requires Boost.Serialization and Kinect SDK v2 when serializing data.
// kinect2_serialization are requires only Boost.Serialization when deserialize data.
// This source code is licensed under the MIT license. Please see the License in License.txt.
// Copyright (c) 2017 Tsukasa SUGIURA