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Last active July 24, 2024 07:58
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Huawei firmware files found on update server
This is not appropriate place for discussions. Keep this list FW-only.
I do NOT have any firmware files apart from published here or on 4pda. Please do not contact me for firmware files requests.
This is a list of files found on Huawei update server by brute-forcing URL parameters.
Some firmware files have changelogs. Just change file name to "changelog.xml" in the end of the URL.
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Thank you! I found exactly what I wanted :)

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Zibri commented Dec 24, 2023

Does anybody know HOW to query the server for a specific device? mine is B535-933 and B535-232.
I wish to know what is the query url to check for firmware updates..

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Zibri commented Dec 24, 2023

these server are down but you can download files from here

@heroumar B535-933 and B535-232 are missing :(

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Zibri commented Dec 24, 2023

Specifically I need this firmware:

Hardware version WL4B535SW
Software version
Web UI version WEBUI
Configuration file version B535-933-CUST

If possible I wish to know hot to get it from

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Tribux commented Feb 6, 2024

these server are down but you can download files from here

Thank you! Could you maybe quickly advice how to update e5785? I have already moded fimrware, but long time ago, I can see here that webui has newer version, but dont know how to do it :/

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Is it real to find?

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mrbostad commented Apr 26, 2024

Do you have access to firmware file for the Huawei B818-260 ?


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please i need the latest firmware for E8372h-517 and B315s-519

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Hi can i have original firmware for:

Device Type: | DG8245V-10
CPE Description: | EchoLife DG8245V-10 Home Gateway
SN: | 21530397447SP3540311
Hardware Version: | 818.D
Software Version: | V100R019C10SPC717

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omonascom commented Jun 12, 2024

please i need the latest firmware for Huawei B2368-66 and huawei lcpe b2268h

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waynesaayman commented Jun 12, 2024 via email

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hi everyone,

someone know where to get a recent firmware for B628-350 (Hardware version: WL2B628SW) router?

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SERMSY commented Jul 20, 2024

I appreciate the collaboration. I am looking for the firmware for this app huawei.


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I am looking for an updated firmware for the OptiXstar B650G, anyone knows where to find it?

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