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Vazkii /
Last active Oct 26, 2020
Vazkii's Mods FAQ

Questions Regarding Vazkii's Mods in General

Q: How do you install mods?
A: This depends on the type of mods you want to install. Here at Vazkii's Mods we make Forge mods. You can learn how to install Forge mods at the Download page of the quark website by clicking "Show How to Install". This will teach you how to install Quark, but you can do the same for every other mod.

Q: My game is crashing! Help!
A: Before you request help, please check all the following steps:

  • You're using the most up-to-date version of the mod, as well as Minecraft Forge, or any other mods it might require (e.g. Quark requires AutoRegLib, Botania requires Curios and Patchouli)
  • You're NOT using Optifine. Optifine is notorious for crashing mods.
Vazkii / hidefabric.js
Created Nov 8, 2019
Userscript to hide fabric mods (use with Tampermonkey or any other userscript plugin)
View hidefabric.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name Hide Fabric Mods
// @version 1.0
// @description Hides fabric mods from CurseForge
// @author Vazkii
// @match*
// ==/UserScript==
(function() {
'use strict';
public class RankCalc {
static final int LP_PER = 25;
static final int XP_PER = 830;
static int rank, lp, xp, plays, xpEarned;
public static void main(String[] args) {
rank = 2;
xp = plays = xpEarned = 0;
Vazkii / ..scriptlet
Last active Dec 9, 2017
Discord emoji downloader. To use: be an admin on a server, go to the Emoji section of the settings, and run the scriptlet
View ..scriptlet
javascript:function download(o){var e=document.createElement("a");e.href=o,,}function downloadEmoji(o){const e=/url\(\"https:\/\/\/emojis\/(\d+)\.png\"\)/;var r=o.querySelectorAll(".emoji-image"),t=getComputedStyle(r[0])["background-image"];t=t.replace(e,"$1");var l=o.querySelectorAll(".position-relative > .emoji-alias-placeholder"),a=l[0].textContent;download(""+t+"/"+a+".png")}var rows=document.querySelectorAll(".emoji-row");,function(o,e){downloadEmoji(o)});
View index.php
define('CACHE_DIR', './cache');
define('FONT', './lido_stf_ce.ttf'); // you need to get this one yourself
define('OUR_URL', '');
$idol_names =
[ 'Kousaka Honoka', 'Ayase Eli', 'Minami Kotori', 'Sonoda Umi', 'Hoshizora Rin', 'Nishikino Maki', 'Toujou Nozomi', 'Koizumi Hanayo', 'Yazawa Nico',
Vazkii / import-min.js
Created Aug 3, 2017
Client side SIT to Minaraishi importer
View import-min.js
javascript:function sit__importAccounts(t){if(sit__validateView()){var e=window.prompt("SIT Username:"),i=""+e;$.get(i,function(t){var e=t.count;if(0==e)alert("No accounts found.");else{var i=void 0;if(1==e)i=t.results[0];else{for(var a="Pick your account:\n",s=0;e>s;s++)a+="\n"+(s+1)+": "+t.results[s].nickname+"-"+t.results[s].language;var r=window.prompt(a);if(t.results.length<r)return void alert("That account doesn't exist.");i=t.results[r-1]}sit__setStatus("Importing "+i.nickname+"-"+i.language+"'s cards."),sit__importCards(",SSR,SR&ordering=-card__rarity,-idolized,-card__attribute,-card&owner_account=",i)}})}}function sit__importCards(t,e){$.get(t,function(t){for(var i=t.count,a=t.results.length,s=0;a>s;s++){var r=t.results[s];r?(console.log("Found card "+r.card),sit__cards.push([r.card,r.idolized,r.skill_slots,r.skill]),sit__setStatus("Importing "+e.nickname+"-"+e.language+"'s cards. (
Vazkii / lowercase.php
Created Jan 3, 2017
Lowercases all files including .json contents. To help you port to 1.11. Made in php because that's just what I happened to have installed :V
View lowercase.php
function fix($path) {
echo "Fixing directory $path\n";
$files = scandir($path);
echo "Found files " . implode($files, ' '). "\n\n";
foreach($files as $file) {
package vazkii.blockdispenser;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.List;
import net.minecraft.block.Block;
import net.minecraft.block.BlockDirectional;
Vazkii / _accs
Created Apr 15, 2016
Patreon Scraper
View _accs
package vazkii.ikwila;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map.Entry;
import java.util.UUID;