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Last active Jun 7, 2022
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Quark 1.18 Release Notes

Quark 3.0 (Forge 1.18) Release Notes

Download Quark 3.0 today.


Before getting into the changes, I think it's important to pass on the context of this update. For quite a while now, one of the most common bits of criticism leveled at Quark was the sheer amount of extraneous and extremely niche content included in it. A very substantial amount of people pointed at features such as Stained Planks or the random brick types as a stain on what otherwise is something they enjoy.

While "if you don't like it, don't use it" is a common answer to these bits of critique (especially given Quark's configurability), I think that dismissing them like that is reductive to the problem at hand - the fact that the mod does, in fact, contain a lot of features that would get you laughed out of a Mojang meeting if you tried to suggest them.

With that, I'm taking the 1.18 idea of revamping the world to also revamp the mod and trim out all the features I deem "bloat". Some of the features cut are bound to be ones you like, and for that, I'm sorry. I understand that every feature is bound to be someone's favorite. Fortunately, most of the stuff being cut here is fairly simple, and if anyone wants to take some time to make a mod with them in, that's totally cool.

Removed Features

Added to Vanilla

The following features were either added 1:1 to vanilla or similar enough features were added that I feel continuing to have them in the mod constitutes as content duplication.

  • Axe Leaf Harvesting
  • Cave Roots
  • Color Slime
  • Crevices
  • Deepslate
  • Dirt To Path
  • Endermites Form Shulkers
  • Improved Sleeping
  • Marble
  • Mega Caves
  • Realistic World Gen
  • Speleothems
  • Tallow And Candles
  • Turf
  • Underground Clay
  • Voidstone

Technically Constraining

The following features were removed as they are a complete technical mess and a pain in my backside every time I have to do a port. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, they're just absolutely awful to maintain so I thought I'd take the chance to get that piece of mind. They may come back later.

  • Chain Linkage
  • Infinity Water Bucket
  • Springy Slime
  • Tie Leads To Fences
  • Improved Mount HUD (forge API changes on the overlay system made this a pain to do now)

Underground Biomes

The 1.18 Underground Biome system holds a lot of possibilities for future expansion, but for the port I decided to try and play it safe and not dive headfirst into that, as such all of the underground biomes, excluding Corundum and Permafrost (more on that later), have been removed. Properly structured Underground Biome content will be coming to Quark in the future.

  • Brimstone Underground Biome
  • Elder Prismarine Underground Biome
  • Glowshroom Underground Biome
  • Lush Underground Biome
  • Overgrown Underground Biome
  • Sandstone Underground Biome
  • Slime Underground Biome
  • Spider Nest Underground Biome

Combinatorial Explosions

The following features were removed as an attempt to fix the issue of combinatorial explosions with items in the mod. Simply put, some things just straight up have too many variants and result in ridiculous amounts of different items being generated. I do not enjoy this level of added overhead for minimal gain, and as such, the following have been cut.

  • Dyed Item Frames*
  • Stained Planks
  • Vertical Planks (added back by popular request)

*I'm planning on having these available back soon as an RGB dyeing thing like how leather armor works, I just opted to leave it for later.

Just Meh

The following features were removed as I simply didn't find them that worthwhile to have around. Specific shout out to Biotite and Weather Sensor as a great relic of a past era where this was considered solid content.

  • Basalt Bricks
  • Biotite
  • Charred Nether Bricks
  • Lit Lamp
  • Magma Bricks
  • Mushroom Chest
  • Pavement
  • Quilted Wool
  • Redstone Inductor
  • Sandy Bricks
  • Shallow Dirt
  • Snowy Bricks
  • Warped and Twisted Blackstone Bricks
  • Weather Sensor

Feature Changes

Auto Walk Keybind

  • Auto-Walk is now unbound by default
  • When Auto-Walking, a little HUD element will show up letting you know

Beacon Redirection

  • Beacon Redirection is now a separate feature from Corundum
  • If Corundum is disabled, Amethyst can be used instead

Big Stone Clusters

  • Quark no longer takes over generation for vanilla clustered stones (Andesite, Diorite, Granite)
  • Calcite spawns in large clusters in Mountains

Blossom Trees

  • Blossom Trees are now Blossom Oaks, with Oak Wood instead of Spruce
  • Their shape has been slightly tweaked and they now grow as an "oversized" Big Oak rather than just a recolored Big Oak like before
  • New textures by Sully

Bottled Cloud

  • Bottling Clouds has been moved to the appropriate new cloud level
  • Clouds are no longer solid

Burn Vines

  • Changed to Shear Vines for consistency with the vanilla mechanic
  • Use Shears instead of Flint and Steel

Chest Buttons

  • Sorting and Management (Insert/extract/etc) buttons are now opt-in for other mods' screens rather than opt-out
  • Insert and Extract now change tooltip when you're sneaking to indicate their filtered mode

Chest Searching

  • When opening a screen, if chest searching was previously enabled, the bar won't stay selected immediately so you can still leave it by pressing E


  • Now works when there's a Grate directly under it.

Compressed Blocks

  • Charcoal Block and Blaze Lantern now properly burn indefinitely
  • Added Glow Berry Sack


  • Is no longer considered an "Underground Biome"
  • Corundum Clusters generate above Deepslate and are now slightly larger
  • Now uses Amethyst sound effects
  • Clusters now have the same bounding and collision box as Amethyst Clusters
  • Waxed Corundum is now craftable in the same was as Waxed copper blocks
  • New textures by Sully

Duskbound Blocks

  • Variants can now be crafted in the Stonecutter

Ender Watcher

  • Recipe changed to use Obsidian as Biotite isn't there anymore

Enhanced Ladders

  • Every ladder type now has the Iron Ladder behavior (can freestand as long as there's a ladder above)
  • Improved the Config so you can include only the parts you want

Expanded Item Interactions

  • Merged Shulker Box Drop-In, Right Click Armor, and Lava Bucket as Trash into Expanded Item
  • Now using the vanilla item interaction system rather than the homebrew ARL one
    • This fixes compatibility issues with mods like Mouse Tweaks
    • However, it loses the + and tooltip
  • Shulker Boxes can be right clicked onto other items to add them in rather than just the item onto the box

Feeding Trough

  • Feeding Troughs are now considered 1.5 blocks tall for animals so they don't get on it


  • Now spawns only below Y=0
  • Now spawns only when the light level is exactly 0


  • Improved AI logic for sleeping on furnaces

Glass Item Frame

  • Glowing Glass Item Frame is made with Glowing Ink Sac


  • Added Azalea and Flowering Azalea variants
  • Are now named "_ Leaf Hedge", because "Azalea Hedge" sounded weird (eg. Oak Leaf Hedge, Spruce Leaf Hedge)

Improved Tooltips

  • Now using vanilla's tooltip system, so now they'll always fit and won't use janky spaces, hurray!
  • Tooltips that previously went outside the box such as maps and shulker boxes now go inside for consistency with Bundles

Industrial Palette

  • Merged Iron Plates and Iron Ladder into Industrial Palette
  • Added Iron Pillar block
  • Variants can now be crafted in the Stonecutter
  • New textures by Sully

Leaf Carpet

  • Added Azalea and Flowering Azalea variants


  • Copper derivate blocks are now considered magnetizable in the same way as iron

Matrix Enchanting

  • Vanilla candles overtake the old quark candles as influencers
  • Stacking 4 candles in a single block counts as max influence now (+50%)
  • Updated the GUI texture to use the new lapis icon

Mega Dungeon

  • Now spawns between Y=-10 and Y=10
  • Improved configurability so you can now change the spawn distancing parameters


  • Cactus Paste is now Moss Paste, made by smelting Moss
  • Removed Green Dye recipe as it's not needed anymore
  • Variants can now be crafted in the Stonecutter
  • New textures by Sully

Monster Box

  • Now spawns only between Y=-50 and Y=0
  • Replaced ore blocks in the loot table with the respective raw ores
  • Added Raw Copper and Rabbit Hide to the loot table

More Brick Types

  • Merged Cobblestone Bricks into More Brick Types, you can still turn off bricks individually

More Stone Variants

  • Added variatnts for Calcite, Dripstone, and Tuff
  • Calcite variants are taking over where Marble variants left off

New Stone Types

  • Slate is now Shale. This is purely a name change
  • Updated worldgen cluster sizes if Big Stone Clusters is disabled

Oriental Palette

  • Merged Paper Decor and Bamboo Mats into Oriental Palette
  • Bamboo Mats are now crafted as a carpet size block with the same rotation properties
  • 4 Carpet size Bamboo Mat = 2 Full Bamboo Mat

Pathfinder Maps

  • Updated maps to the new vanilla biomes
    • Snowy Tundra map is now Sandy Plains Map
    • Mountains map is now Windswept Hills map
    • Giant Tree Taiga map is now Old Growth Pine Taiga map


  • Is no longer considered an "Underground Biome"
  • Spawning logic is the same, but now relegated to the top of Frozen Peaks biomes (Y > 105)


  • Renamed from Item Pipes to Copper Pipes
  • Recipe now uses Copper Ingots instead of Iron Ingots
  • Retextured accordingly

Quark Config Menu

  • Redesigned the main screen with a nice panorama and new button layout

Redstone Randomizer

  • Is now crafted with Prismarine Crystals instead of Biotite
  • Retextured accordingly

Seed Pouch

  • Is now using the same system as Bundles for adding and removing items
  • Supports right clicking onto an item in the inventory to add as opposed to just the item onto it
  • Inventory interactions use bundle sound effects


  • Now spawn only below Y=0
  • Now spawns only when the light level is exactly 0
  • Heart of Diamond drop rate is now 100%


  • Now spawn only below Y=0
  • Now spawns only when the light level is exactly 0
  • Increased the spawn rate and amount that spawn at once
  • They now eat Glow Berries

New Features

Bundle Recipe

  • Bundles are now craftable with the same recipe that was to be introduced to vanilla
  • Bundles and Sculk Sensor will also show up in creative properly

Microcrafting Helper

  • Right clicking a "ghost item" when using the Recipe Book to craft loads up the recipe for that item
  • This creates a "crafting queue" where the items you're trying to craft show up above the result
  • Upon crafting the current item, the previous recipe that wanted it is loaded automatically
  • This is kinda hard to explain in text so here's a video
  • This feature was available in the Experimental module previously, but wasn't fully completed


  • New friendly doggo that spawns in mountain biomes
  • Tamed and interacted with in the same way as a wolf
  • If not sitting, will fetch any arrows or tridents you throw after they land and bring them back to you
  • If you're holding a torch, they'll look around for dark spots and get mad at them so you know what to light up next (video demo)
  • Having them sit on a bed makes them turn sideways and look very derp which is cute
  • This feature was available in the Experimental module previously, but wasn't fully completed

Variant Furnaces

  • Furnaces crafted from Deepslate or Blackstone have new textures
  • Blackstone Furnaces can emit soul fire if placed over a soul fire holding block
  • Otherwise, they both behave entirely the same as normal Furnaces


This is just the start for Quark in 1.18 and beyond. I'm going to take a short break now to regain my energy, and then we'll get to bringing in the cool content you know quark for. Sully and I have been brainstorming upcoming features. Here's a little teaser...

Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you enjoy Quark 3.0.

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KaziiTheAvali commented Dec 16, 2021

i gotta say this looks super cool and i am absolutly excited for this. am a little sad that lit redstone lamp is dissapearing since i did use to use that alot but that is an easy replacement with bolth other mods and simply putting a lever behind a redstone lamp

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Zenphia commented Dec 17, 2021

This is going to be great. The changes more than make up for the removals.

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GobbleyDuck commented Dec 22, 2021

what if you added a picture of magic johnson in one of the textures?

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Apiterbakar commented Dec 22, 2021

you removed some stuff but the mod is bigger than the previous version?

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gemsystem19 commented Dec 22, 2021

I'm sad to see the leads connecting fences going, but I totally understand the reason. Thank you all for your continued work on this amazing mod.

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Modeeves commented Dec 22, 2021

Super Awesome Job Mr.Quark sir!!!

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ProbablyNotPetey commented Dec 22, 2021

Looks really nice. Do the vanilla stone variants no longer spawn in large blobs or are they spawning like that on top of the vanilla blobs?

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bessiq commented Dec 22, 2021

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AmateurArchitect commented Dec 22, 2021

Fantastic work as always. I can see you have chosen which features to remove with great care. I think the new version of the mod will be even better as a result, and I look forward to seeing the new features you will add gowing forward.

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MasterMank commented Dec 22, 2021

Disappointed that the Mushroom chest and brick variants are being removed, the new content looks sick though

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Modeeves commented Dec 23, 2021

Sir, may we please at least have the Shiba update for 1.16? You know, when he barks when it's dark. That's all my gang and I could ever ask for ^^ We're waiting for the 1.19 before leaving 1.16.5 you see. If it's not possible, it's okay, sir! It's your call ^^

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Vazkii commented Dec 23, 2021

@Apiterbakar The increased file size mainly comes from the high resolution screenshots used for the q menu panorama

@PeterTvedt Only the vanilla generator for their stones is left, the big clusters no longer spawn

@Modeeves Not currently planning on backporting anything to 1.16 but if you want to tell dark spots, that version has Danger Sight potions that you can make with glowshrooms.

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Modeeves commented Dec 24, 2021

All cool Mr. @Vazkii Sir!!! Keep up the good work! More Power to you! My gang has been using your mod ever since 2016 ^_^ What an honor to speak with you. You even said my name. It's like hearing Keanu Reeves say my name :-). Enjoy your holidays!

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ddship12 commented Dec 24, 2021

Thank you Vazkii

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SSSlavic commented Dec 24, 2021


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Lesley-Black-Velvet commented Dec 29, 2021

Good evening!

If you're porting into 1.19 (Wild Update), how will this affect the Frogs of your mod with the upcoming variations? For the matter, I was thinking if you can merge some of their properties (frog legs and frog eggs)

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Raidobw2 commented Jan 1, 2022

I did use Biotite back then for building in 1.15/1.12, it was indeed a cool feature! The mod is evolving with the newer versions and you had to let go of some content, but I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of other ideas to add. I am curious to see what your future realisations will be :^) The textures look great, I personally like the new Copper Pipe haha. Thanks for those enhancements and pretty blocks throughout the years, we're lucky you're very diligent with your work! Happy New Year as well :)

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WillowQ6 commented Jan 10, 2022

Every time a read a set of Quark patch notes, I think, "Why hasn't Mojang hired you yet?!" Some of your additions are truly brilliant: incredibly creative while still feeling more...let's say 'vanilla-y' than some of the recent additions in Vanilla Minecraft.

Oh, and by the way, there is a typo at the top of the "More Stone Variants" section.

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ATLCode commented Jan 21, 2022

Amazing work and take all the time you need to recover some energy! Everything you laid out makes sense to me, although I can't say I'm not bit sad by stuff like a lot of different brick types disappearing as well as dyed planks (glad to hear that's only temporary though).

Excited for the new palette's that have been added and I do hope to see them extended even further in the future. Especially the oriental palette.

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gaeneric commented Jan 24, 2022

happy for all the changes and additoins, though saddened by the loss of my mai8n food item - cave roots were my best friends :') thank you for updating the mod <3

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StoneMasons4106 commented Jan 29, 2022

Bravo good sir, we're rebooting our server to 1.18 shortly and Quark is one we have used since 1.15.2. Keep up the good work and regain that energy!

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Mrkuff commented Feb 6, 2022

Nice!! amazing!! If you want help with ideas i got some! It's all around the Moss block and moss carpet! Would be cool if : - The surrounding stone/cobble block turned on to their mossy block variant when applying bone meal on the moss block! (instead of turning them to moss block) - Shearing a mossy block give you moss carpet (layer)! - The moss block spread naturaly with the light level! (kind of like the mushroom) - The spreading of the moss block replaced with mose carpet spreading but with multiple layer of moss carpet, like the snow mecanism! And it's the layers who are spreading. imagine a dark forest with spreading layer of moss layer averywhere.. we may even apply a speed slowing effect on them!

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vizthex123 commented Jun 4, 2022

I never liked Quark because of all the annoying bloat it added (which I'd then have to spend too much time disabling), but this change seems noice. Gonna try it out in my new pack.

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FinalstarmanDX commented Jun 7, 2022

I do feel it's a bit dismissive to remove a feature and ask somebody else to reimplement it as a seperate mod. That kind of assumes every scrapped feature was a favorite of somebody who mods. I code but I don't know or enjoy Java, so it kind of comes off the same way customized world generation JSONs 'finally reimplemented' customized worlds when it only did so for a minority of players and is far too much hassle for the average end-user.

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