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Monstercat Adventurer's Guild

Monstercat Adventurer's Guild

What is it?

We get together after work to roll dice and pretend to be knights, assassins, wizards, heroes, and adventurers. We fight orcs and necromancers and ghosts while we explore the world, learn its secrets, and find its treasures.

How can I join?

Tell Colin you want to play and he'll schedule you in to one of the sessions.

How much do I have to commit?

You need to commit to at least one evening. One sessions is usually about 3 hours. If you like it you can keep playing.

What do I need to know before I play?

Nothing! If you want to know more we are playing Dungeon World.

What kind of dude can I play?

Here are the basic dudes you can play:

  • Barbarian: You're from a foreign land. You're good at hand-to-hand fighting. You have a thirt (wealth, fame, fighting, ale, etc) that you like to go after.
  • Bard: You're good with people. You can weave magic into your musical performances. You know certain bits of history and lore.
  • Cleric: You worship a specific god. You can cast spells to help your allies and hinder your foes by using your god's powers.
  • Druid: You are one with nature. You can shapeshift into animals from your homeland.
  • Fighter: You fight. You have a fancy weapon that means a lot to you. You can smash the crap out of things.
  • Paladin: You are a holy crusader. You take oaths when you go on specific quests. You can heal allies.
  • Ranger:: You have an animal companion (tiger, wolf, cat, eagle, etc) that you're friends with. You are at home in nature. You can shoot a bow.
  • Thief: You can backstab people. You can poison people. You can steal stuff. You can detect traps.
  • Wizard: You cast spells from your spellbook.

What if I want to play a class from Grim World even though I've never heard of Grim World?

TACTICAL MIND: Turn defeat into victory and reveal your master plan.

ELEMENTAL SUMMONER: Unleash raw magic if your flesh can bear it.

FOUL MAGICIAN: Raise the dead to do your bidding.

TOTEM CARVER: Show the wisdom and power of spirits.

WIELDER OF SPEAR AND SHIELD: Draw out your enemy and strike.

WALKING ARSENAL: Satisfy your bloodthirst by slaying foes.

HOLY INQUISITOR: Smite the unworthy with cleansing flame.

What if I wanna play something zanier?

I have a book you can use to make a custom class by combining 2-3 of the specialties from the list below:

How serious is it?

Semi-serious. The world sounds like a real fantasy setting when you describe it, but when we play the characters get a little silly.

How serious do I have to roleplay?

Light to medium roleplaying. You don't need to dress up and do a voice or anything.

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