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Created May 15, 2020 04:25
Dungeon World Agenda


Here is the agenda for tonight's character creation session.

Intro to Dungeon World

  • Fiction first
  • Fiction triggers moves
  • We roll 2d6 + a set
    • 10+ = great
    • 7-9 = okay
  • 6- = mark XP and uh-oh
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import {Formik} from 'formik'
import React from 'react'
import {Router} from '../routes'
import Layout from '../components/MyLayout.js'
import TextFormGroup from '../components/TextFormGroup'
import FormGroup from '../components/FormGroup'
export default class Register extends React.Component {

Please publicly post the following Gist, and name it

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am vindexus on github.
  • I am vindexus ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASA0bdwz6GqCfcRvqqEmT17dJdEwpIykC1bNDKMWbuOy5go
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Created July 1, 2017 19:38
Rules Editing iBOT

Question: Where do thieves go after they steal money from the bank? They

created the most secure super-bank in the world called international Bank of

Thief or iBOT and put their loot there because even thieves have a sense of


How ironic.

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Last active January 27, 2017 01:59
Guild Play

Guild Play

These are custom moves and resources to be used when playing a guild-based Dungeon World campaign. This presumes that all characters are members of a guild, and that each session will have a different cast of those guild members.

Start of Session

At the start of the session everyone look to your character sheets and remind yourself of the following:

  • Your alignment. Think of how you might fulfill it this session.
  • Your bonds. Think of which ones you might want to add for this session.
  • Your flag. Think of ways other players might be able to activate your flag this session.
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Last active December 14, 2016 23:17
Monstercat Adventurer's Guild

Monstercat Adventurer's Guild

What is it?

We get together after work to roll dice and pretend to be knights, assassins, wizards, heroes, and adventurers. We fight orcs and necromancers and ghosts while we explore the world, learn its secrets, and find its treasures.

How can I join?

Tell Colin you want to play and he'll schedule you in to one of the sessions.

How much do I have to commit?

You need to commit to at least one evening. One sessions is usually about 3 hours. If you like it you can keep playing.

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Last active January 26, 2017 20:25
A guide to creating an adventurer's guild for Dungeon World.

Adventurer's Guild Creation for Dungeon World

The following is a guide for generating an organization of like-minded explorers, questers, do-gooders, and adventurers that your player characters can join. This is primarily for use in Dungeon World, in groups where a rotating cast of players will play for short mini-adventures that the guild has taken on.

Goals When Creating the Guild

When creating the guild these are my goals for the final result:

  • It should have a history that can be built on
  • The players and their characters should feel pride in the guild
  • The guild should offer tangible benefits to the characters
  • The guild should be set up in such a way as to bring in many quests to the players