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Last active Jan 27, 2017
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Guild Play

Guild Play

These are custom moves and resources to be used when playing a guild-based Dungeon World campaign. This presumes that all characters are members of a guild, and that each session will have a different cast of those guild members.

Start of Session

At the start of the session everyone look to your character sheets and remind yourself of the following:

  • Your alignment. Think of how you might fulfill it this session.
  • Your bonds. Think of which ones you might want to add for this session.
  • Your flag. Think of ways other players might be able to activate your flag this session.

Start with the person who took the most damage last time they played, and have each character answer these questions:

  • Who are you, and what is your skillset?
  • What did you do last session you played in?
  • What unsolved mysteries or existing dangers are you aware of?
  • What bonds do you have with those here, and how might they be resolved? If you wish to write new bonds, do so now.
  • What is your flag? How might others activate it?

Supply Run

When you are the member of your party who talks to Jocat the Quartermaster for supplies from the guild, roll+CHA. On a 7-9 everyone in the party can ask for one mundane or normal item. On a 10+ the same, but you may choose one item from the reliquary for you or a party member to use until the mission's end.

Wardens of the Flame Relics

Krozium's Wrath
close, +1 piercing, 1 weight, relic
One of the few relics of the Wardens of the Flame that was added to the reliquary before its bearer deceased, this longsword has never needed sharpening. This powerful sword has an edge that can cut through the thickest of armor, if the wielder is worthy.
Edge of Fury
When you roll a 10+ on Hack & Slash with Kroziums' Wrath your attack ignores armor. Additionally on a 12+ if you opt to open yourself up to attack you may reduce the target's armor by 1 instead of dealing the additional 1d6 damage.

Bow of Night
near, far, 1 weight, relic
This bow is made of a dark wood, as black as night, and has the power to imbue arrows fired from it with an essence of dusk. How it came to be that way none are entirely sure, but it is suspected that its power comes from spending so much time near the Shadowflame...
When you strike your target with the Bow of Night, you may choose to expend 1 ammo to have the arrow explode into a cloud of darkness covering an area of Reach size. This cloud lasts for several minutes, and completely blocks all natural light.

Bracers of Loktar
Crafted by Grom, the aspiring new blacksmith of the Guild, these bracers are reinforced with the fragments of his father's shattered shield.
Deflective Surface
When you attempt to block or deflect mundane ranged attacks (knives, spears, arrows, etc) with the bracers, you may roll Defy Danger with STR or CON. On a 12+ the projectile is deflected to a nearby target of your choice.

Valzar's Dagger This dagger is a relic of the deceased Necromancer and Warden, Valzar. Its hilt and blade are made from the bones of two unknown creatures, but are as hard and sharp as steel.
Siphon Soul
When you deal damage after armor to a living creature, heal yourself for 1d4 hp. If this kills the target heal yourself 1d8 instead.

The Iceglass

+1 armor, worn, 1 weight

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