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this compiles !???
interface Functor<A>{
flatMap<A,B> (f: (A) => B): Functor<B>
interface Monad<A> extends Functor<A> {
bind: (A) => Monad<A>
interface Option<A> extends Monad<A>{
class Some<A> implements Option<A> {
private value: A
constructor(a: A) {
this.value = a
flatMap<A,B> (f: (A) => B): Some<B>{
return new Some(f(this.value))
bind (f: (A) => Some<A>): Some<A>{
return f(this.value)
class None<A> implements Option<A>{
flatMap<A,B> (f: (A) => B): None<B> {
return new None<B>()
bind (f: (A) => None<A>): None<A>{
return this
var test:Option<string> = new Some(4)
test = new None()
test = new Some(false) // ! \o/ this compiles...
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