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Maxime Dantec Warry

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Warry / jum-1.svg
Last active Sep 13, 2019
Just use monads
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Warry / MagicJson.elm
Last active May 31, 2019
unsafe elm json encoder+decoder
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module MagicJson exposing (encode, decode, decoder)
import Json.Encode as Encode exposing (Value)
import Json.Decode as Decode exposing (Decoder)
import Http
encode : a -> Value
encode jsonEncodeElmValue =
Warry /
Last active Aug 9, 2016
Why do you use `(flip andThen)`?

Why do you use (flip andThen)?

TLDR; To use it with the pipe (|>) operator.

The actual andThen problem

Here is the signature for Task.andThen:

import Task exposing (andThen)
View decodeJson.elm
module Test where
import Text (asText)
import Array (Array, get)
import Json.Decode (..)
import Maybe (..)
type alias Foo =
{ foo : String
, bar : Bar
Warry / propMap.elm
Last active Nov 19, 2019
Convert a List of objects into a Dict (≈ Map) using an object's property as key, in a type safe way with ELM
View propMap.elm
import Dict
-- The transformation function
listToDict : (a -> comparable) -> [a] -> Dict.Dict comparable a
listToDict getKey values = Dict.fromList (map (\v -> (getKey v, v)) values)
-- Demo type
type FooBar =
{ foo : String
, bar : Int
View gist:1472519278124015ac7d
interface Functor<A>{
flatMap<A,B> (f: (A) => B): Functor<B>
interface Monad<A> extends Functor<A> {
bind: (A) => Monad<A>
interface Option<A> extends Monad<A>{
View gist:829f9e970087567ac64c
### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am warry on github.
* I am warry ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is E875 F7BA 4FB3 FE3A E55B 8E48 91FA 985A B75E 490A
To claim this, I am signing this object:
Warry /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Runtime Type Checker in JS

Runtime Type checker in JS.

is(String, "foo") // true
is(/foo/, "foo") // true
is("foo", "foo") // true

// See test file for more exemples...
Warry / stylus-shell.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
sbt-we plugin workflow
View stylus-shell.js

We'll take the stylus plugin as an exemple.

Making it work with Node.js

To make our plugin to work with node, we are going to use Christopher's js-transpiler. It allows to develop a shell script that will work independtly on both node and the jvm. You can call a shell script from the cli like this:

    node my-shell.js file.extension '{"flag":true}'

You can use this to debug your processor until it works!

Warry /
Last active Dec 22, 2015
Demo of wOOOt api
Todos =
# public properties
list: OOO.observableArray([])
# public methods
counter: OOO.computed ()->
@list.length + " remaining todos"
clear: ()->
@list.remove (_)-> _.done
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