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Created February 25, 2022 01:40
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Plots trajectories and filled Julia sets
Plot Julia functions
Load with: include("JuliaSetPlots.jl")
Written by: John Peach 13-Feb-2022
Wild Peaches
Julia sets are defined as
z_{n+1} = zₙ² + c
where zₙ ∈ ℂ and c = x₀ + iy₀
Mandelbrot sets are similar, but z₀ is fixed, and c ∈ ℂ.
# Required packages
using Plots, LinearAlgebra
Plots iteratations of the Julia function from in initial point z₀ ∈ ℂ and parameter c
z₀: Starting point
c: Control parameter
n: Number of iteratations
Plot of n iteratations
function plotIterates(z₀,c,n)
# Initialize trajectory
zₙ = length(z₀)
traj = zeros(ComplexF64,n,zₙ)
traj[1,:] .= z₀
# Generate trajectory
for k = 1:zₙ
for j = 2:n
traj[j,k] = traj[j-1,k]^2 + c
# Plot trajectory. The display function is needed inside a function.
crvLabel = Array{String}(undef,zₙ)
for k = 1:zₙ
crvLabel[k] = string("z₀ = ", z₀[k])
# Note permation of label string.
# Ref:
crvPlot = plot(traj,
linewidth = 3,
aspect_ratio = 1,
xlabel = "Real axis",
ylabel = "Imag axis",
title = "Julia Iterates",
arrow = :arrow)
#label = permutedims(crvLabel)
#legend = :outertopright)
# Return trajectory
return traj
Plots points in a Julia set
c: Constant added to each iterate
function plotJulia(c,xRng = [-1.6,1.6], yRng = [-1.6, 1.6])
# Array of iteration counts
nx = 1281
ny = 1281
iterCounts = zeros(nx,ny)
# Locations
xLocs = range(minimum(xRng),stop = maximum(xRng),length = nx)
yLocs = range(minimum(yRng),stop = maximum(yRng),length = ny)
# Loop over x,y locations iterating until maxIter reached, or |z|² > 4
maxIters = 1000
for j = 1:nx
for k = 1:ny
z = xLocs[j] + yLocs[k]im
while iterCounts[j,k] < maxIters && norm(z) < 2
z = z^2 + c
iterCounts[j,k] += 1
# Display Julia set as a heatmap
# Return array of iterations
return iterCounts
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I was able to run it in a Jupyter Notebook. I'm running Windows 11 and changed directories to the one containing JuliaSetPlots.jl. If you're running on a different OS, the command will be different, but it should work.
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 14-05-54 Untitled - Jupyter Notebook
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 14-07-10 Untitled - Jupyter Notebook

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HI @XerxesZorgon ,

it is quite dumb of me that I forget to call the function, too much on my plate
These are forgotten to plot it:

julia> c = -0.7269 + 0.1889im
julia> plotJulia(c);

I want to know why version upgrade can break old codes?
I'm using version 1.7.2, but there probably isn't enough of a change to 1.7.3 to break the code

I know an example linspace can't be used and have to use range instead. For science I think the basic does not change much. We learn calculus and it does not change that much for a very long time. Still plot Fractals the same right?

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XerxesZorgon commented Aug 3, 2022 via email

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XerxesZorgon commented Oct 11, 2022 via email

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Hi John,

I read your posts the "The Growing Gap" and "Mathics and Nebo", great articles.. I believe that we will still depend on oil and gas till very long, no matter if we try to convert to renewable energy, all still needs fossil fuels. Politics, can be counted on why we still depend on oil and gas.

I am studying master degree "Mathematical Engineering" now in Erasmus Mundus program, in italy. It is very tight schedule, I hope I can manage to learn them all and pass the exams.

About Pluto, why is it slow? Why the creator name it the slowest moving planet? Even if it is not included as planet anymore currently, but next time we learn from this case that we shall name something with similar analogous meaning, name is a prayer I believe.

You are an amazing person, not only smart, but want to share your knowledge in your blog for free, I wish one day I have the chance to write article suitable for your blog and then I will show it to you, probably it can be published on your blog.

I have this imagination that your articles can be printed on leaflet like Rosary' paper that can be folded and back and forth it could contain 2 articles. Your articles is a science based that can be useful for the Economies, people will be more knowledgeable, I am from a poor country thus I know the most effective way to make a country to be rich is by the right education with morale value.

An example is if more people read your blog/articles there will be less uneducated people and therefore better country, less inequality, people be more productive and smarter.

About human kind, I feel pessimist today, I am in Europe now, and I still see a lot of negative impacts of overpopulation, throwing trashes randomly, even in London too. Are electric cars and rockets really going to be breakthroughs or only to showing Pride of some clans/nations. After trashing the earth therefore trashing Mars and Space?

Working at MIT is a great opportunity, I believe you worked hardly before and very intellectual that is why you are there right now, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. All the best.

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XerxesZorgon commented Oct 13, 2022 via email

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