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Add Track Numbers to your .mp3 Files

Here's a quick and dirty script you can use to prefix your .mp3 files with their track numbers. If you've ever dealt with Tidal, you should find this very useful:

#!/usr/bin/env raku

use Audio::Taglib::Simple;
use File::Find;

sub MAIN ($dir = '.') {

  for find(:$dir, name => / :i '.mp3' $/) {
    if .basename ~~ / ^ \d+ / {
      say "Skipping '{ .basename }'";
    } else {
      my $t =$_);
      my $newname = "{ $t.track.fmt('%02d') }-{ .basename }";
      say "Renamed '{ .basename }' to { $newname }";

You should zef install Audio::Taglib::Simple File::Find before you attempt to run this script.

Have comments, please leave them on this gist. Have improvements? Also leave them here.

UPDATE: Incorporates @lizmat++'s suggestion in the comments


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@lizmat lizmat commented Nov 23, 2020

Why not put this in a MAIN sub with a parameter to indicate the directory to look into? With a default to "." ?


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@Xliff Xliff commented Nov 23, 2020

That's not a bad idea at all! - Updated post

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