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Last active Jul 21, 2022
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Python metaclass to enforce "good behaviour" from simulated sum type class hierarchies
from math import pi
from .shape import Shape, Circle, Rectangle
def area(shape: Shape) -> float:
Calculate the area of the given shape
match shape:
case Circle(radius):
return pi * (radius ** 2)
case Rectangle(width, height):
return width * height
if __name__ == "__main__":
print(f"{area(Rectangle(2, 3))=}")
Sum types can be simulated using a class hierarchy. This metaclass
enforces that:
* The root sum type class cannot be instantiated
* The branches of the sum type are direct children of the root class
* A simple inheritence structure
The last point is overly restrictive and will prevent, for example,
using abstract base classes to simulate typeclasses.
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import ClassVar, Type
class SumType(type):
Metaclass to enforce good behaviour from sum type class hierarchies
sum_types: ClassVar[set[Type[SumType]]] = set()
def __new__(meta, name, bases, defns):
cls = type.__new__(meta, name, bases, defns)
match bases:
case ():
# Register a new sum type
# Prevent the root class from being instantiated
def _fail_to_construct(self):
raise TypeError(f"Cannot instantiate root sum type \"{name}\"")
cls.__init__ = _fail_to_construct
case (base,):
# Only allow subclasses of known sum type root classes
if base not in meta.sum_types:
raise TypeError(f"Sum type \"{name}\" has an invalid root: \"{base.__name__}\"")
case _:
# Prevent multiple inheritance
raise TypeError("Sum types do not support multiple inheritance")
return cls
Approximate equivalent to the following Haskell:
data Shape = Circle double
| Rectangle double double
(Modulo using record types here for clarity)
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import final
from .meta import SumType
# Root sum type class
class Shape(metaclass=SumType): ...
class Circle(Shape):
radius: float
class Rectangle(Shape):
width: float
height: float
# Defining a sum type branch with an invalid root will raise a TypeError
# class Square(Rectangle): ...
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