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Last active September 21, 2023 12:10
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Deep diff between two object, using lodash
* This code is licensed under the terms of the MIT license
* Deep diff between two object, using lodash
* @param {Object} object Object compared
* @param {Object} base Object to compare with
* @return {Object} Return a new object who represent the diff
function difference(object, base) {
function changes(object, base) {
return _.transform(object, function(result, value, key) {
if (!_.isEqual(value, base[key])) {
result[key] = (_.isObject(value) && _.isObject(base[key])) ? changes(value, base[key]) : value;
return changes(object, base);
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@Andrei-Fogoros didn't thinked about licence at the time i posted it, but since you're asking, it's a good occasion to put it under MIT License.

Great, thank you very much! :)

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