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Reset all iOS simulators with this one weird trick
osascript -e 'tell application "iOS Simulator" to quit'
osascript -e 'tell application "Simulator" to quit'
xcrun simctl erase all

pretty good, but what about this one liner without the variable: xcrun simctl list devices | grep -v '^[-=]' | cut -d "(" -f2 | cut -d ")" -f1 | xargs -I {} xcrun simctl erase "{}"?


ZevEisenberg commented Sep 27, 2014

Nice. I couldn’t figure out how to do it because I have not the shell fu.

Man, I just spent an hour or two putting something like this together. This is so much simpler.

sixstringtheory I'd like to quote this in my book; may I?

This is awesome - thanks, @ZevEisenberg and @sixstringtheory

I think it would be even better to pipe another grep like grep -v 'unavailable' after the first one. Otherwise the output will contain also unavailable devices that doesn't make sense to reset

That's so f'ing handy.

About the only way I can think of improving this is to make a wrapper simctl that normally calls the real …/…/simctl, but when given simctl erase --all calls your code instead. ;-)

So… much cheers.

Since Xcode 7 it is possible to do xcrun simctl erase all and combined with your osascript -e 'tell application "iOS Simulator" to quit' this is perfect for putting it inside the before integration trigger of a Xcode bot


ZevEisenberg commented Dec 16, 2015

Thanks, @Blackjacx! Updated with the new first-party method of doing this.

Very useful, thanks!

jeanmw commented May 16, 2017

Yay, thanks so much this is super useful/convenient for testing!

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